Life and Death

September 21, 2008

Just discovered news that a former employer passed away a year ago. It was a company that laid off a few workers including yours truly, so it wasn’t the best of terms. But I never hated the gentleman. Sure I was angry, but I’ve learned that it was just business.  Can finally say I’ve moved on.  There was a reason to go through losing a job. I learned how tough I was. To make uncomfortable choices. Discovering how the welfare system works. (Yes, I had to apply for it. A grand total of 3 months.)  Never had to search for a job before. I always just found something and moved on.

In the grand scheme of things, how important is a "job"?  Besides paying the bills, putting food in the fridge and oil in the furnace, how important is it?  A lot of us are hanging on to jobs we hate or are tired of strictly to pay bills, or sock away an emergency fund. Or in my case, savings and my big trip to Europe next year. 

Okay perhaps trying to travel in this economy is a bit um…crazy. But it’s not till next Spring. By then Barack Obama will be President, the world will respect us again—I hope—and maybe the USD will catch up some to the Euro.

My former boss was doing his own thing. He hated corporate settings, so he took his formulas and went out on his own.  He refused to waste away putting out efforts for someone else.  I always respected that.

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