The Debates and Rainy Days

September 27, 2008

R.I.P. Paul Newman

Yes, I watched the Presidential debates.  Well, okay only the last 20 minutes. I tuned in near the beginning, only to hear Sen. McCain mention Christmas ornamnents.

I switched back to What Not to Wear.

Then I tried again, and there was more substance happening, so I paid attention.  Sen. McCain has the worst dispostion of any candidate I’ve seen. Even Bush II looked at his opponent during his debates.  McCain was just plain angry and dismissive. Sen. Obama took the high road, and won this one hands down.

Listen people, they are ALL politicians. Some are born into it, some work their way into it. Politics has become a new career choice, like banking, or medicine. Who wouldn’t want a job with guaranteed benefits, personal protection, free travel, free housing, and a chance to have one’s own library and make tons of money  after 8 years?  However, once in a while someone comes along who truly wants to make a difference. The Kennedy family is one group, Rev. Jackson, and Hon. Rev. Floyd Flake are others.  Sen. Obama is the latest.

The funny part of last night’s "Friday Night Fight" was the CNN "Heart Monitor".  CNN had people hooked up to some "reaction measurement" device, and put the results on the screen. It looked like it flatlined several times during the broadcast. Who thought of that dumb idea??

Michelle Obama looked perfect as always. I want her wardrobe and her personal trainer.  And a nice smart fellow like her husband wouldn’t hurt either.

Today is a dreary rainy day. Managed to get laundry done between rain showers. And I’ve finally moved the website. No more Rosalind’s Roost. I’m holding on to the domain–one never knows what I’ll come up with next. But for now, this is it.


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