Sick Yet Bored

October 12, 2008

I hate this feeling. My body just wants to sleep, but my brain doesn’t.  Granted, I feel much better today. Avoided the laryngitis, but still sneezing and coughing. It’s one of those colds where you want to disconnect your head, clear it out, and put it back on. Yesterday my upper back went into spasm on top of the cold, so of course no art got done.  But I pushed myself anyway and did laundry. Isn’t funny how we push ourselves to do things we think are urgent when in the grand scheme they’re not. My friend scolded me for it. "Girl, don’t you know how to rest?"

Thinking about it, I don’t any more.  Some days I’m able to sit and read, but not for the whole day. Weekends are errands, cleaning, laundry, occasionally cooking Sunday dinner, supervising my brother’s pick-up and drop off from his programs, and squeezing in some bead time or quality on-line time.  I’m not complaining though. My mom’s done it for so long, especially when I lived elsewhere, it’s fitting that I take some of it on.

Fortunately it’s a beautiful day. Not too hot, not too cold. The trees in the nature preserve across the street are just beginning to change. Next week, they should be glorious red and yellow.  The swans are settling into their spots for the winter. The ducks have pretty much moved south.  And our new front stoop will be started. Another adventure in  homeownership…

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