President Obama

November 5, 2008

Has a nice ring to it.  This was a long time coming. To quote some of my elders, I never thought I’d see this day.  And this morning, finding a newspaper was a challenge. Finally got my hands on a New York Times and Daily News.

John McCain was very gracious and sincere. I admire his willingness to put this aside and move forward. It’s a lot less animosity than in 2000 and 2004. Someone’s letter to the editor remarked that there was bitterness and acrimony in 2004. Of course there was! The election was rigged a second time, of course there would be bitterness.

But this time, the scene is much more peaceful. No rigged voting machines, no court fight, no chads. 

Unfortunately my mom and I were on opposite sides of the coin, so she was sound asleep when the results were declared. I’m sure President Obama’s work in the next 4 years will prove her wrong.  🙂

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