Office Christmas Party

December 10, 2008

Or should I say "Holiday" party?
I hate these things.
Someone always makes a fool of themselves. Once or twice it’s funny. But after that, it’s pathetic. When you think about it, the holiday party is really overtime with liquor and food. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to put the face to the voice of people we may only deal with over the phone all year long.  And sometimes the food is great.

However, company holiday parties are only an extra reason to tell the boss how much you love him/her. And if you don’t, it’s hell.
One day I will have a company party of ONE.  Well okay, I have to include my mom and brother, so party of 3.

The best way to survive a company party is to limit the alcohol to 1 drink, and the face time to 1 hour. That way you’re seen, can say howdy to a few people, then go home.  To have another drink to celebrate surviving the party.
Oh yeah, make sure you thank your boss the next day.  Common courtesy is still required.


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