Shoe Throwing and other Spectator Sports

December 15, 2008

Okay, who hasn’t seen the video of the Iraqi reporter throwing his shoes at President Bush? First, the guy has good aim–that shoe came awfully close. And notice how the Iraq President didn’t even flinch? Hmm…. What really floored me was Bush’s reaction. "I’m not offended at all."  If you’re not bothered by being the recipient of  the most offensive gesture in the Middle East–you are a FOOL. Thank god he’s gone soon.

Then, the New York Yankees hire/buy this obese–I said it, yes I did—obese pitcher, C.C. Somebody. $161 million dollars over the course of his contract. I’m overweight too, so I have no fear in saying— NUTRISYSTEM SON! You can afford the food, you have trainers at your disposal, USE THEM.

And then there’s Bernie Madoff. This man ran an investment firm that was in fact a Ponzi scheme. (A ponzi scheme is when the orginal investors are paid off with money from new investors coming in at the bottom. It’s also known as a pyramid scheme. Once there’s no money coming in, everyone loses.)  What we need to know is how could his sons, who were part of his business NOT know something was up? Someone had to help with the books. $50 billion gone in an instant. One man lost his entire investment of $3 million. Money he had been saving diligently for years just so his children could have a nest egg when he passed.  Could someone throw a shoe at Bernie? 

Another thing that’s pissin’ me off: baggy pants. I HATE THEM! It’s totally disgusting to see jeans almost to the knees. Guys, you can’t walk in them!! And no one, NO ONE wants to see your dirty drawers!  Every morning I get on the bus, and there’s at least one idiot with his drawers out. It’s December for crying out loud, it’s too cold for this crap.

Yeah, I had a bad day today, so I channeled George Carlin. I miss that guy.


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