New Year Resolution??

December 29, 2008


I don’t believe in resolutions. They are made to be broken, forgotten, pushed aside in the name of "trying to get by".  I used to say "I’m going to work out 3 times a week and lose 20 pounds."  After the 3rd year of getting caught up working through lunch and hustling to keep my employer in business, losing weight because of stress, not excercise, it hit me—resolutions don’t work.  They don’t work because we are not honest enough with ourselves

If you create any type of goal, resolution, plan, the first one should be: "This year I will be honest with myself as to what I can and will do. If my plan comes to fruition, great. If not I will NOT beat myself up."

For my art, things have already started, so 2009 is just a continuation.

For my family, there are things that may change. That will be a priority when the time comes. For now I’m enjoying the stability.

For my friends, reach out more often. I’d lost touch with a few and it saddened me to get bad news once we made contact. We need to be there for each other, the world is too (pardon the language) fucked up right now not to be.

For me,  the first thing is to be a little more selfish and not worry about what others think. Firm up my financial plan (I did pretty good in 2008 surprise!), decide (finally) on my employment plans, and to jump back on the taking care of myself wagon. Oh, yeah I forgot– my foreign language lessons need to resume.


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