Writer’s Block: On the Bus

January 10, 2009

There are quite a few things that stand out over the years:

Rowdy students jumping in through the back window to avoid paying the HALF fare. That was when buses were old, rickety and had back windows that opened from the outside.

The man who entered the E train in his wheelchair, ranted ,"This city sucks! This state sucks! This country sucks! The whole world’s goin’ to hell! I’m tired dammit!" Then lit up a cigarette. Full out smoking in a subway car. On top of his horrid b.o.  The conductor, brave soul, held the train at Fifth Avenue, marched into the car, told him to put out the cigarette.
"Whatcha gonna do bitch?"
She grabbed his chair and wheeled him out onto the platform. Walked into the nearby conductor’s spot, shut the train doors.

The woman who boarded the bus with two kids and 3 suitcases. She yelled at the kids, "Stop askin me about Auntie Jo! Bitch just threw us out!"


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