Random Thoughts about Fedcon 18

May 4, 2009

Just returned from FedCon in Bonn Germany. This was my first visit. Since a nasty cold became a souveneir, I’m just posting some random thoughts about the experience.  Anything that may need elaborating, I’ll add after I recover.

* People smiling upon finding their celebrity photos. (Attendees had the opporunity to pose with a celebrity for a fee.)

* Passionfruit juice & vodka (this may become my new cocktail)
*Crepes with Nutella
*Hamster jokes
*Hardworking staff – both con and hotel impressed me
*Beautiful hotel room
*People asking to practice their English with me
*The young lady who translated Robert Picardo’s joke for me without being asked (Hi Lisa!)
*The thunderous applause – and I mean that–2500 people standing on their feet to greet someone.
*The Kiss cover band and the Star Wars band at Costume contest
*Meeting some folks from Caprica City
*People watching! My favorite activity, it was fun to just sit and see what costumes go by.
*The packed dance floor on Friday and Saturday.
*The Fire Marshalls on Saturday bopping their heads to the music. They could have shut the whole thing down, but didn’t.
*Meeting the "British Ladies"
*Adusting to hearing ‘euro’ instead of ‘dollar’
*Richard Hatch selling his heart out. First his book (or was it DVD?) then the EVE game. Man needs an informercial.
*"If you got more than 5 hours of sleep last night—you’re married." – Chris Judge at his Sunday morning panel.
*Being told I speak more (and better) German than Marc Lee. Mind you I speak maybe 5 words/phrases.

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