Happy Friday!

August 14, 2009

“Where have I seen this face before?” We stop and look, and think. Something about the face triggers the synapses to fire. The dusty doors of old memories creak open. Then “Aha!”


My turn was yesterday. Recovering from an upset stomach and sleepless night the evening before, I decided to stay offline and relax in bed last night. I bought Where Women Create magazine a few days ago. Last night was the perfect time to read it.  This magazine features new and established women artists, and the studio spaces. Some are small, maybe just a spare room. Some are professional studios, one built in an old barn, another in a basement, one a professional business space in a different part of town.


WWC also features charities and young adults who have chosen the creative life. (This particular issue featured ChildHelp, an organization founded by two actresses working against child abuse.)


The face I’d seen before? She has dark hair, in a short cut, with big brown eyes and a cheery bright smile. My brain wheels and cogs started turning. When I read her name, they turned a little faster. I was certain I’d seen her, and searched the article for clues. In the background of a profile photo there it was. A “Lost In Space” toy, and what looked like a cast photo.


It was Angela Cartwright, “Penny” from Lost In Space. She is now a photographer/media artist living in California. Her work is outstanding, and her studio is to die for.


The two actresses I mentioned earlier? They were on Ozzie & Harriet (No I don’t remember that show—way before my time.)


The photography in WWC is outstanding. It’s worth the price and great for design ideas. It’s the one magazine I hesitate to tear out and recycle.


Happy Friday!

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