A Piece of Aunt C

September 24, 2009

As an artist, our main calling is to share our gift. We create things to reflect society, reflect our pain, happiness, our environment. We want others to stop and think, or just stand back and enjoy. If we’re lucky we get paid to share. However, sometimes there is one creation we just can’t bring ourselves to let go into the world.  This is my piece:

Rescued estate sale pendant.

Rescued estate sale pendant.

My Aunt/godmother used to wear a diamond Ten Commandment pendant. She managed to make a trip to the Holy Land, and purchased it in Jerusalem. She never stopped wearing it. On several occassions, she told me I would inherit it from her, since she had no children of her own.  The last time I spent the day with her–before she fell ill–she stated she asked a friend to make sure the pendant got to me.

Unfortunately, the week after she collapsed at home, and was admitted to a nursing home. Her health deteriorated, and she developed dementia. I visited her twice before she passed. She knew me, but we couldn’t hold a conversation. I just couldn’t bring myself to keep up with the visits. Last November, my aunt passed. Her family lost my phone number, so I missed the funeral. That just hurt, but there was nothing I could do. One of her church friends sent me a copy of the funeral program.

I know Aunt C would forgive me. She’d understand how difficult it was for me to see her like that. That I’d prefer to remember all the good times, and her sense of style, and her bad driving. 🙂

But I needed a sign.

A few months ago, I was crusing Etsy.com looking for some vintage earrings to convert to flip combs.  One of the vendors had some really cool pairs…

Then I saw the pendant. It wasn’t diamonds, but it was a Israeli Ten Commandment pendant.  I bought it. The vendor didn’t have any history, it was just one of the items she got at an estate sale.  The back of the pendant is engraved “Israel”  and “925”.  I believe the “925” indicates real silver. I did a gentle cleaning, but didn’t want to completely strip the brass color.

A closer look at the front

A closer look at the front

This is the back

This is the back

This piece will never be for sale. It’s my sign that my Aunt is with me.

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