And The Loom Shall Rise Again -2

September 26, 2009

The loom art is finally done. I’m very happy with it. Funny thing, my original inspiration for the piece was a photo of a Moroccan fountain I saw at EPCOT last  year:

Fountain InspirationThe center of the fountain has a really cool geometric design, with earth tone colors. I took a tip from Margie Deeb’s book and printed the center in black&white scale. Then I set up my loom and chose colors.

As I posted a few days ago, it was going along. The color scheme wasn’t quite as hoped, but it still looked interesting, so I kept going. Here’s the finished project:

Finished Loom Art

Finished Loom Art

While removing it from the loom to measure for a frame, I noticed something wild.  The work reminded me of a 50 Euro note that I saved  from my trip to FedCon this year. That was supposed to be a color palate for a future project.  I turned the piece sideways:

Freaky Result

Freaky Result

Just goes to show, you may start out one way, and the journey ends up another.

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