It Didn’t Make the Cut

October 6, 2009

While I love this beading path, there are occasions where something didn’t quite hit the bar. Usually it’s a first attempt at a new project, or skill. Wire wrapping is my biggest weakness at the moment. My loops look like cheap 99-cent store stuff. It would never make my studio. And for now that’s fine. Still learning, and we learn by doing. No sweat.

However there is one area where I really wanted to do something different, but just can’t achieve a professional look. Beaded cuffs. They drive me nuts. All the beading magazines tout it as the “hot” look. They’re supposed to be relatively easy to make. Well, they aren’t that difficult, but for some reason the “professional” look just eludes me. Here’s an example:

Combination of loom and cuff

Combination of loom and cuff

It seems okay at first glance, but a close up shot would reveal uneven stitching, on a cuff that seems too wide for my arm. I’m keeping it as a reminder that it’s okay to mess up a little.  Next time I know what works and doesn’t. But I love the color. 🙂


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