NYC Bead Shows – Post Mortem

October 18, 2009

The short review: I’d rather shop at Bead Fest. New York City is my hometown, and I do love it, but bead shows can be skipped.

Well, okay not entirely.  There are two shows happening this weekend: The Whole Bead Show has their annual fling at the Metropolitan Pavilion. The Pavilion is an upscale party/show space.  The restroom was clean (big plus), lighting was good–almost too bright, and no waiting to pay admission.  It was $10 at the door, but everyone I observed had an online coupon so it was $8.  Security guards wore chauffeur suits. I wanted to see one hold up a sign with a name on it.

The space was fashionista hipster, and the show tried to match it with the types of vendors.  No cheap beads here. Hill Tribes Silver, upscale lampwork, real silver and gold chain, and the most beautiful leaf pendants I’ve ever seen. The problem was a couple vendors judged the book by the cover.

Both times, I was ignored while browsing, yet other customers were fawned over. Mind you, I know what I want when I see it, and will buy it on the spot. Cash clears immediately, that’s how I roll. Unfortunately two vendors did the “department store look”. The look that says, “you look like a shoplifter”.  One waived the sales tax when they realized they were paying attention to the person who wasn’t buying. The other I did make a purchase from because I needed their items for a project. The customer they fawned over walked away without buying.

The one vendor I specifically attended the show for, was so jammed that buying from them was impossible. I will have to mail order what I wanted from her. And I had a coupon! Drat!

To top it all, this woman comes into the venue with her dog! One of those little pieces of cheap fluff type dogs. The nerve! What is it with Manhattanites?? It’s a dog! You don’t bring a dog into a trade show. It is not a child!

After a quick bite at Starbucks (after Battlestar Galatica I never take that name seriously), next stop was the Softflex(r) sponsored show at Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT).  Since for some reason the MTA decided not to have any local train service, I hiked to the venue.

It was such a shame. Very nice set up, friendly vendors, no stuck up attendees. Security guards were from the college, very polite, down to earth.  (I’m sure they were from Queens. :D) It was a shame because no one was there to shop. Maybe 20 people tops were shopping. Some of the vendors looked like lost puppies. I wish I had more money, ’cause some of the work on display I would buy just for myself.  One vendor I specifically looked for, didn’t have what I needed. Left with very little. However, I did find a lovely cabochon from Lisa Peters. Her mom helped run the booth, very sweet lady.

So the budget was busted, my legs are hurting, and I didn’t even get to visit my friend at the New Life Expo.   Not sure if I’m doing NYC show next year. May stick with BeadFest and mail order.

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