Book Review: The Beader’s Color Palette

October 25, 2009

“Does orange go with brown?”

“Can you really put black with anything?”

“What does a ‘pop’ of color really mean?”

“Why can’t I wear stripes & plaid?”

Ok, Margie Deeb‘s latest book, “The Beader’s Color Palette” can’t answer the last question. But it certainly covers the first three.  This could be considered a companion to her earlier work, “The Beader’s Guide to Color” published a few years ago.  (Both available at her website, along with kits and other goodies.)   Color Palette has more color combinations (palettes) than Beader’s Guide.  This time Deeb divides them into five groups:

  • The Elements
  • Artists’ Historical Palettes
  • Cultures of Our World
  • Gorgeous Planet
  • Living Color

She presents the palettes with a brief description of the individual color and suggestions on proportion. The descriptions are lush, reflecting the group.  I enjoyed the brief historical information at the start of each group. It helps the reader understand why certain colors were used certain ways.

Also included is a guide to create your own palettes, from breaking down an image to see colors to deciding on proportions of colors. Delica bead reference numbers are provided for ordering from bead stores.

An example of Deeb’s lush descriptions (Fire as a palette):

These energetic palettes are hot and dry. Their textures are smooth or tessellated, and their movement is active–a fast and rhythmic staccato. The burst like a supernova or blaze like a bonfire.

The photography, as in any good bead art book, is as lush as her written word.  Many examples for each group are included, as well as projects and inspirations spaced throughout the book.  The closing sections provide instruction on some bead stitches and looming and more inspiring projects by other artists.

The Beader’s Color Palette is a definite must have for serious beaders. Margie Deeb is a true color expert, and it shows in this book. I refer to it constantly for guidance, even after taking her class at BeadFest.

One Response to “Book Review: The Beader’s Color Palette”

  1. Margie Deeb Says:

    Thank you for the review, Rosalind! I remember you in the back of the classroom, and I’m so glad you took the class and i got to meet you!



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