December 29, 2009

It’s that time!

Time to sit through a bunch of Jenny C, NutriS, WeightW, and BFlex commercials.

Time to run to the supermarket and pick up some black-eye peas and pork.

Time to clean up, clear out, scrub down and light the sage(if you’re into that). 

Time to decide how much to save, how much to spend.

Time to figure out 2010’s vacation. Or if there will be a vacation.

 Time to update the resume.

Time to catch up with people you needed to catch up with all year and didn’t.

 We save it, kill it, waste it, want it, hope for more of it, wonder where it went, try get it back, sing about putting it in a bottle, watch Capt. Picard & Dr. Who travel through it…

And have no idea when it’s finished.

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