Rosalind’s Top 2009 Vendors

January 1, 2010

A new year, and still here! Hope 2010 brings joy and happiness!  Since this week is when everyone does the “Top 10” or 20, or 40, I’m jumping right on the wagon.

In 2009 I attended several bead shows, one that I didn’t expect to, the others were planned. It gave me the opportunity to see how different vendors approach their customers. Also had the chance to meet some of the people I previously only read about in beading magazines. It was wonderful to touch the projects up close, ask questions, and in a couple cases, purchase something.

If we artists don’t support each other, who will?

That said, I’m listing my favorite vendors for 2009.  No particular order. Click on the names to visit their sites.

Grace Lampwork Beads The best way to purchase any of her work is at a show.  I found some outstanding beads at BeadFest last August and so glad I went over budget.  Her e-mail list includes show dates, and occasional coupons and specials.  Grace is friendly, patient, and very happy to suggest ways to display the beads you buy.  Her table is always crowded.

Chain Gallery First time purchase at BeadFest. Very helpful and pleasant. Chain Gallery was one of the nice surprises at the show. Found some unique chain, that the stores here in NYC don’t have. Also found a great chain to repair my brother’s MedicAlert pendant with. Prices are reasonable. They “Tweet” specials if you’re on they’re list.

Susan K Nestor One of my favorites. I’ve purchased several of her resin bead creations, and never disappointed. She has a variety of sizes and styles. My “Obama” pendant is one of her beads.  Very sweet person, very reasonable prices.

Bead My Love Another first time surprise. Very friendly and helpful. Purchased several sheets of Ultrasuede, Lacy’s Stiff Stuff (r)  and some brass findings. I literally designed a piece while standing at their booth with a tray.

You And Me Findings Another pleasant surprise. Usually vendors representing manufacturers don’t always give the best price. Or the highest quality. Some of the stores I shop here in NYC don’t always have the best quality findings (clasps, earring dangles, etc.). They purchase their supplies from manufacturers or dealers.

However, it was a pleasant experience dealing with You And Me. The findings are solid, price is a little less than retail IF you buy at a show, and the representatives at the booth were polite and efficient.

Let me pause here and explain something: In order to get a “better than retail” price – go to a show. Even better, if you are serious about your art and plan to sell, get a resale certificate/tax id from your state. Then you can apply for wholesale pricing or maybe a discount depending on the vendor. If there is a supplier you visit regularly, all the better.

There have been times I’ve forgotten my tax certificate, and had to pay retail, but still got a “coupon” % off.

Back to the list…

Lisa Peters Art Met her at the NYC Bead show, held at the Fashion Institute. Her work was featured in Beadwork Magazine. Found this lovely cabochon that I plan to work into a pin. Very friendly great enthusiasm.

Goody Beads I didn’t find them at a show. I needed high quality beadable pens and home gift ideas, so I searched. Very quick delivery, the free gifts are lovely, and have had no issues with the items purchased so far.

Beyond Beadery This vendor is the grandaddy of them all at a show.  I mentioned them in my BeadFest review in August. They are the store with the long line of people with 2-4 trays of stuff and no one complains.  Their selection of seed beads and threads is amazing. I don’t know how they do it. The staff is always patient and friendly, passing around candy to keep the customers happy. Their pricing is great, and they are always on the road. Truly, the best way to purchase from BB is to catch them at a show.

Jane’s Fibers & Beads – (website was not working) Jane’s is run by two very nice women from the midwestern U.S. I’ve purchased from them at  BeadFest and the NYC show.  They have an outstanding collection of seed beads, thread, yarns, and tools. Still can’t figure out how they find the colors they offer.  If you ever wondered if the BeadSpinner(r) really works, it does. The first time I saw it used was at Jane’s table.

Whew! That’s a wrap. I’m not concerned whether these vendors stay on my list. They do such a great job, I’m certain they will be.

Off to design some more! Happy art making!


One Response to “Rosalind’s Top 2009 Vendors”

  1. Gina March Says:

    Thank you! I will check these out.

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