Back in the Saddle

January 24, 2010

So to speak…I’m back in school for my final semester. Taking 3 classes. Not sure when any new jewelry will be available. Have to play it by ear.

On a fun note: I’ve rediscovered Dr. Who. Yes, the venerable science fiction show from our friends at the BBC. The longest continually running program on television–period. My first taste was back in the day when the local PBS (Public Broadcasting) station aired it on Saturday nights. Now Saturdays are “Britcom” nights.  Tom Baker, Peter Davidson and Colin Baker were “my boys”.

Flash forward a few years, and by accident I tuned into the latest “Doctor” David Tennant. Cute as all get out, almost as funny as John Cleese (in his Fawlty Towers days).

Of course I had to find out what I’ve missed. Head over to YouTube and who do I find? Christopher Eccelston-Doctor number Nine (Or just “Nine”).  Leather jacket, short hair, and a slight attitude.

I’m in love…

Pop over to Loony Archivist to get a better idea, and see some great fan art from other popular shows.


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