Inspiration Station

March 6, 2010

Okay, school’s kicking my butt. But it’s almost Spring Break, then the final 8 week push to the finish line. I keep telling myself, “Just get through this, and you’ll never have to write a term paper again.”  🙂

Today, I’m taking a quick breather. Someone asked me about inspiration. Particularly, what inspires my jewelry.  It comes from almost anything.  Sometimes I’ll see a piece of jewelry in an advertisement. No, I don’t copy-but a certain element, or shape catches my attention. Then I’ll try to work it into a loom piece, or embroidery design.

Plant colors are my biggest source of inspiration. Nature knows how to work shades together.  Animals, birds in particular are next.  The most unusual inspiration so far is a 50-Euro note saved from a trip to Germany.

Freaky Result

Now that I’m wrapped up in classes, great stuff keeps popping up. Arrgh!  Last Sunday was the NYTimes fashion special. Can’t wait to go through and rip out pages.


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