May 26, 2010

Hello Hello! Doing some switching up. School is done! I am a college graduate. Well, I am waiting for one grade to post, but it’s over.  I gave myself a week to decompress. Caught up on my beading magazines, my Cloth,Paper, Scissors: Studio magazine, and television shows.  Still working at the same place. One day it will become a book.

This week I returned to marketing my Artfire store. I love Project Wonderful, an advertising service based on auctions. You choose blogs that fit your customer base, then submit the price per day you want to pay. When/if the bid is reached, your ad appears until someone outbids you, or the ad runs its time limit.  Also updated my FaceBook page.

My other project is a studio makeover. Seems everyone is doing it this year. 🙂  It was time for a new ceiling, some paint on the trim and window, and total reorganization.  “Before” and “After” photos will be posted of course.  Really wanted to go pistachio green, but it’s the same color as the workplace. The last thing I need is to be reminded of work when I’m doing my thing at home.  So the new ceiling will be…

Did you think I’d say before the work is done? 😀

The other switch is this page. Trying out a new layout. It’s funky, vibrant, and has the same color scheme as my company logo.

Finally, found an art market that just may work out. It’s in Manhattan, on Saturdays, and it’s indoors, so we’re good rain or shine.  A post on that will follow if I’m accepted.


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