Reorganized Roost

June 13, 2010

Finally! An entire week of purging, waiting for the contractor, cleaning, and reorganizing completed. My studio/office/tv spot desperately needed a new ceiling, and a good clean out. It was originally my brother’s bedroom. He gave it up some years ago due to squirrels running through the attic, and relocated to the first floor.  While I lived in New Jersey, it was just a spare room. Upon my return, it became a tv/den/office. That was in 2006.

After I tucked away some pay, and a nice tax refund, the call went out to the contractor, and it was on.  Here are the photos:

30 years, it's time for a refit

And I thought of doing this myself??

Ceiling after new sheetrock

Just needs paint

Ceiling after paint

Now we're cooking!

I chose off-white (Harmony by Benjamin Moore) for the ceiling and dark brown (Chocolate Truffle by Martha Stewart) for the trim around the ceiling, window and by the doorway.  The Martha Stewart paint is a low VOC paint.  Smelled nothing while using it, good stuff.

Chocolate Truffle trim

I am very proud of my painting skills

Mom put her 5 cents in, and stitched up some curtains an old client left behind:

New flowy curtains

The hardest part of the whole thing was the purge and reorganization.  I discarded about 200 photographs I held on to since 1992! Back in the day, there were duplicates of my convention travel shots.  Don’t ask why I did that. 🙂

Also dumped some videotapes I no longer watched. My brother took the half-recliner for his room.  (It’s a half because it was only the top half, the bottom part was thrown out years ago.) Switched out one of my shelving units into the bedroom, and took out a desk that I didn’t use in there. It’s the new work table:

Out of the bedroom! New/old desk

And of course my beads are now organized in a drawer instead of bags:

All nice and neat. But for how long?

It was a tiring process, but worth it. Clearing out old stuff and making some minor changes can infuse a workspace with new energy. I found more room to move around, and reclaimed a chair to watch My Fair Wedding in. 😀 What could be better?


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