“Mr. Humphreys, Are You Free?” – Men and Jewelry

September 12, 2010

“I’m free!” skips to his counter.

Picks up department phone, switches to bass voice, “Men’s Wear!”

I miss that show.

My menswear line has started. It wasn’t easy finding things that say “man”. Some guys don’t like jewelry at all.  Some will wear it if it’s rugged looking.  Some need it just for a special occasion (wife said no torn jeans).  I found a few items that just might have enough “bass”.

I can't translate it

Here’s another that might be “man enough”:

Guys say it’s difficult to pick out what we would like. It goes the other way too fellas. You’re a hard bunch to buy for. 😀 But we love y’all anyway.

Visit my store, take a look, hit me with some suggestions!


2 Responses to ““Mr. Humphreys, Are You Free?” – Men and Jewelry”

  1. fashion jewelries are very expensive in my opinion but of course they look great'”*

    • rosalindsstudio Says:

      Thanks for your comment. Sometimes fashion accessories are high priced. However, if you consider time, materials, and the skill of the artisan, then it’s understandable. Personally I try to keep my prices as reasonable as possible without giving away my efforts.

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