Bad Hair Day – a “short short”

December 6, 2010

The past few weeks, my creative juices were not flowing. Felt emotionally and creatively blocked, not sure why. I started looking through my Emergency fan fiction(which I’m editing and republishing at Editing my old stuff is getting me back into a groove. It’s fun! Reminding me of how I pushed myself to write romantic scenes back in the day.  Anyhow, I also came across some stuff I wrote in college:

This is what I call a “short short” story. I found it on a diskette –yes I said diskette– of writing exercises from my college days. When I had my Angelfire site blog, it was one of my postings.  If memory serves, we had to write a one-sided conversation, as if we were eavesdropping on a phone conversation.

Don’t use that hairdresser, she doesn’t know the first thing about straightening hair, especially after what she did to Lucy, putting that too strong hair color on top of a too strong relaxer, that made her hair red and fall out, and it’s still breaking off at the ends; girlfriend tried to sue the hairdresser, but all she got was the run around from her lawyer then the salon’s lawyer who had the nerve to offer a measly $100, like who can get a really good hair treatment for under $100 anymore; it’s just not right and I told her so, but since she’s got school and work, (you know she missed two days of work) running around to the lawyer’s office then to court just wasn’t cutting it, then again who wants to use a hairdresser who’s gonna burn the shit out of you, make your face blow up like a balloon, then charge you for the privilege.

You know that reminds me of when I took my niece Latisha to that braid place everyone swore up an down was the best thing since sliced bread and how all the people who went there had the fiercest looking do’s, Latisha would be treated nice, no chemical smells, no ears burned, yadda yadda yadda, only to find out the woman pushed Latisha’s head around like a bad watermelon, made the parts too tight, added way too many extensions to a young girl’s head, which I argued about she claimed it was the best thing to grow the real hair out, but of course the wench wanted more money, and I certainly wasn’t going to pay for fake hair I didn’t request, but her being one of those Nigerians, started haggling and saying ” I’ll give away the extensions, but you pay for my skill” and I said what kind of skill does it take to add hair the child doesn’t need in the first place-take it out before I tear this hole in the wall joint apart and stop haggling with me, we’re not in you country, then her accent got real thick all of a sudden and she started pulling the extensions out, Latisha started screaming so I pulled her out of the chair and said, “Let’s get out of here and go to a real place” but I ended up taking her home and taking out the damn stuff myself.

Maybe I’ll finish off this one. This character is a firecracker. 🙂

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