New Year, New Stuff

January 15, 2011

Decided to start off 2011 with two studies in color. Being a fan of 70’s television, my first two color schemes are:

Red and gold – for Emergency!

fire-engine red with a touch of gold

The next color scheme is blue and gold: for Dragnet

Tree of Life Earrings

The beads set off the trees.

People ask what inspires me.  It’s usually nature, floral colors, bird colors, even building designs. However, once in a while it comes from a place least expected.

Margie Deeb recommends keeping color palates for a piece to 2 colors.  If 3, then one color should be only a hint–like a pinch of salt.  More than that can make the work too busy or uncoordinated. She’s right. I’m guilty of trying to use too many colors at once. Fortunately I catch it before the work is completed–usually.


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