Inspiration Station February 2011

February 7, 2011

Last time, we discussed using classic television shows as a means of inspiration for jewelry. I posted some fire engine red earrings inspired by Emergency!. Here’s my project inspired by Dragnet:

Silver, Blue, and a hint of gold

It has the silver and blue, with the copper adding another dimension. Found these lampwork beads from Grace’s Lampwork last summer.  It’s listed in my store as “Deep Sea Bracelet”. There is the feeling of churning ocean when one sees it at a certain angle.

In other inspiration news, some friends gave me a lovely bouquet of roses as a going away gift. (I’m starting a new chapter in life–that’s a post for another day.) Guess what color they are?

Pantone's Color of the Year

The perfect light pink. Pantone’s Color of the Year. Who’d a thought? 🙂

The inspiration train kept on  moving. During my yearly cleanout of old letters, old bills, and Star Trek materials, I came across letters from Europe. Back in the day I published a newsletter called “The Betazed Gazette”. It was a compilation of convention listings, fan club offers and news on the actors. Several of my subscribers were from Austria, England, and Spain. I couldn’t keep all of the mail, but I held on to the gorgeous stamps.

From around the world. Love the colors.

For those young whippersnappers out there, newsletters went out by MAIL. That’s right, a trip to the post office twice a month. And people were happy for it.  Handwritten letters have more depth than an email. When a person takes the time to think before they write, it’s appreciated more. Handwriting is a reflection of the author’s personality.

But I digress…

Here’s another funky coincidence. There were two weddings back in the day I found the invitations for. Almost the same design, with the same color scheme:

Same colors, different weddings

Pink and white must have  been the rage then.

Another fun item is the copper space shuttle postcard. That’s what I said, copper postcard. Not sure if I bought it in Florida, or if it was a gift, but I love it!

Love this!

The photo doesn’t do justice.

Finally, I came across this card. It had to have been given when I purchased my first car in 1994.

It reads:

“The Association of Potential Fender Benders announces that your car was recently equipped with a new test safety device. Our engineers have discovered a flaw in their computations. Please bring your car to our garage and ask for modification of the the “Seat Ejection System.” Meanwhile for carefree motoring, avoid touching the third button from the left on your dashboard.”

I wish I could remember who sent me that card.


One Response to “Inspiration Station February 2011”

  1. angela Says:

    Good ideas! I love stamps! 🙂

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