March Creativity and Updates

March 16, 2011

Hello hello!

Whew! The wicked winter we had is almost finally over. St. Patrick’s Day is tomorrow, and for me that is the first day of Spring. (Yes, it really is the 20th.) Lots of green, lots of smiles, and lots (well okay–a good number) of cute police and firemen marching on Fifth Avenue. 🙂

Started a new chapter on the job front. After almost 7 years I moved on to a true start up company. And I mean start from scratch. It’s been a great learning experience, creating a system, checking compliance,putting people first, then seeing the $ follow. That’s how it should be.

On the store front, I have a few new items:

Spring Bottle Bling

I switched to clay beads from glass. Unfortunately the glass was too fragile. A customer ordered one and it was broken in transit.  Fortunately I found some lovely beads from Goody Beads, and she loved the replacement.

Here’s another new item:

Very Funky beads make this item fun

Found these very unusual beads the other day. They were perfect for this.

I entered the You Can Sell It March challenge. I hadn’t entered a contest in a while. Didn’t win, but that’s okay. Received a lot of nice feedback.

On the update front:

I’ll be attending the New York Bead Show this weekend, hosted by The Whole Bead Show.  Honestly better deals are had at Interweave’s BeadFest, but since I may not make it down this year, WBS is the next best thing.

Another radio show! Yes, I’m hosting another radio show on March 30:

ShyRosalind’s Hippie Trip: A Jack Webb Retrospective. Courtesy of NDB Media via BlogTalk Radio.  10pm EST.  Going to put on the fringe vest, bell bottoms, and discuss the shows a lot of us grew up with: Dragnet, Adam-12 and Emergency.  I’m planning trivia giveaways too! So if there are fans out there, tune in!


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