Inspiration Station-May– Music Musings

May 4, 2011

My other passion is writing.  Okay that’s obvious from this little blog that I’ve been keeping for over a year now.  In college, my concentration was poetry. As with many other writers, I had doubts about my talent. How would I earn a living doing this? What company would hire a poet? What if I “hit it big” (a joke in writing circles) and ended up on Oprah?

Well, several companies hired me and kept me on the payroll for several years. Being able to communicate clearly and in proper English is an employable skill.  I finally managed to merge the passion with my other interest–health care–when I became a consultant in January.

But that’s not the only writing I do. As mentioned before, I write fan fiction. What’s that? It’s taking established characters and expanding on the story lines presented on television, books, or movies.  There’s a whole history out there–“google it”–as the kids say.

So, when I have a story in mind, or working it out on the page, music plays an important part of how I get unblocked. Here’s a sampling of what songs get me through certain types of scenes:


DMX – “Up In Here”/Party

Ma$E/PDiddy – “Breathe, Stretch, Shake”

L.L.CoolJ – “Momma Said Knock You Out”

Fugees – “Ready or Not”

Talib Kwali – “Get By”


MaryMary – “Walking”, “Thank You” (w/Kirk Franklin)

Kirk Franklin – “Looking for You”, “September”

Aretha Franklin – Just about anything by the Queen of Soul works.


Lionel Richie – “Do It To Me”,  “Hello”,  “I Call it Love”

Alicia Keys – “Falling”, “If I Ain’t Got You”, “A Woman’s Worth”

D’Angelo – “Crusin'”

Music also helps me when beading, or sketching out ideas before I hit the beads.  I also like classical music, Mom’s “old school” calypso, original gospel. The only type of music I have yet to adopt is country. Don’t ask me why. There are some individual songs I enjoy (“Life is a Highway”-Rascal Flatts, “I Feel Like a Woman”-S Twain), but just can’t seem to dig the genre as a whole.

Maybe one day I’ll find a twang. 😀

Y’all know how to find the videos–You Tube. And that  I-tunes thing to buy the music. (I do not own a High-Pod, High-Phone, High-Pad, or other I-thingy or a Crackberry. I use Pandora for music streaming.)


One Response to “Inspiration Station-May– Music Musings”

  1. Very nice post thanks for sharing. You have a great layout here. Beading is a hobby I truly enjoy. Craft shows are an added bonus.

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