Inspiration Station – August 2011

August 8, 2011

It’s August already?? Good heavens to Mergatroid!

Okay I did check the calendar. This past Saturday I volunteered at a friend’s psychic fair. In return, the center she rented allowed me to display some of my work.  The participants were nice, some of them fairly well known, some not. One young lady who does angel readings (or is  it channelling?) gave me a very pretty prosperity candle.

This was the first trunk show in a while. The display turned out great for the size, looked very pretty. Tricia, the office manager at the center was very welcoming.  Credit card slips, bags, and receipt book were at the ready.

I sold 4 items. Mind you, I complaineth not. It’s more than I’ve sold in the past month.  The readers/practitioners did very well.  Since it’s been a few days, I can stand back and analyze if there was anything I could have done differently. How was my display set up?

Small but efficient

  • A mix of items with low to high price points.  The low price point items were near the front ($5 $10)
  • Some of the mid price point items were on elevated displays to bring the eye to it.
  • Price signs were clear and large print.

I wanted to have custom price signs, but ran out of time. One thing that will change is prepping for any show will be at least 3 days before. Up at midnight packing and writing price tags is not cool.  😀

There was another reason why I was excited for the show is that I hoped to try out my new ProPay set up. Several craft blogs recommended it in order to give customers more options. The practitioners took cash only, and cleaned up. Can’t quite figure that one out.

The good news is that I’m now totally prepared for the next show. When that will be, I’m not sure.

There are new items in the store, take a look! Artfire has revamped the studios also. I’m diggin’ the new set up, just one glitch that needs to be fixed, but otherwise it’s very cool.

My next radio show is scheduled for August 31, but the topic has not been set yet. Might do a Freestyle Wednesday, or maybe “Reality TV–for real??”







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