Hurricane “Party” Update

August 27, 2011

It’s now 8:30pm  in NYC.

The rain was on and off most of the day. Now it’s steady and heavy.  Spent most of the day working on a bead embroidery project. My background noise was “My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding”, “Design Star”, and the Weather Channel.

Things are  more serious.

Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware are getting hammered. There is a report of tornadoes in Delaware now. If you live there–be careful!

MTA (New York Transit), SEPTA (Philadelphia Transit), Amtrak and NJ Transit are completely shut down. Watching video of  a desolate Penn Station and the airports is freaky.

Irene is still a category 1, but it is not weakening. As a matter of fact, the core of the storm passed over a bay in North Carolina, so it got more power.  By the time it reaches here (NYC) I think we’re gonna get slammed.

Am I nervous? No. At this point there is nothing left to do. Checked the flashlights, put a battery in my clock radio, and the yard is clean. We all have our medication, and food, so that is that.

Do I still feel like “partying”? Not as I did before. With nightfall, I’m going to stay up for a bit tonight and see how it goes.

Pray for the folks in VA, DE,  MD, NC.  Reports are there were fatalities this evening (someone just drowned in NJ), and about 1 million people are without power.

It’s now almost 9pm. If we have power, I’ll post an update later or in the morning.

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