My Private Hurricane Party

August 27, 2011

You are cordially invited to:

Rosalind’s Studio’s Hurricane Party

(Clarification: I’m not having a real party. I don’t recommend anyone have a real party. The storm is serious, and people should take precautions as needed.)

New York City is bracing for a category 1 storm named Irene. It was a category 3 when it hit the Bahamas a few days ago. She’s losing steam, but still kicking up serious winds and lots of rain. The North Carolina coast is taking a hit, with high tides making the situation dangerous. As of this writing, it’s just leaving parts of NC. (10:30am EST)

So now Delaware, New Jersey, and New York City wait.

It’s not the strength of the storm officials say is the main problem, it’s the flooding. Even at Category 1, there will be enough of a tidal surge to flood lower Manhattan, Staten Island, parts of Brooklyn, and Far Rockaway, Breezy Point, and the rest of the Rockaway peninsula.

I’ve been to Rockaway Beach, so it  is certainly no joke.

My brother and I enjoyed our free bus trip this morning. MTA is shutting down all bus, LIRR, and subway service at noon.  We were able to run a last errand or two before heading back home.

We are taking all of this in stride–how else would we? Everyone is calm.

Well, there is one exception…

The supermarkets.

Yesterday, my mother and I took turns picking up last minute groceries.  She went around 11am. Came back and said the place was packed. People buying as if the end of the world was coming. (In which case we’d lose power and the food would spoil anyway.)

I went around 3, after some last minute work was done at the house.  Can’t have a storm watch without snacks.

They couldn’t keep water stocked fast enough. And folks argued:

“That’s my chicken!”

“Oh hell no, you put it down!”

“Excuuuuse me! I’m behind this lady.”

“Uh, no. I’ve BEEN here.”

I got lucky and caught a cashier that just opened her  line.  Making my way out of the store, the arguments heated up more. And this was Friday.

As mentioned, my brother and I made one last run this morning.  The bus was empty. As it approached the supermarket, we came to a halt.

The parking lot was completely full. Cars were now lined up to get in, jamming traffic.  Not a shopping cart in sight, as everyone was inside buying what they could. On the return trip, about an hour later, the main road was backed up on both sides, with cars trying to turn in.

People, get a grip. Park on a side street and walk a block to the store.

Anyhoo, my neighborhood is in the last evacuation zone. We are more inland, and don’t expect to move. If Irene was a category 3 or 4–then it would be a problem.  I peeked at the news before heading out for an update and couldn’t believe my eyes.

Some poor sod on the Weather Channel stood on a beach in North Carolina, wind nearly ripping off his rain gear, trying to do a report on how the tide made the waves more dangerous.

I think the reporter was  good looking, and my wicked side would have enjoyed the eye candy if his gear got torn off.  But instead, I shook my head at the screen.

Do you really need to stand in 90 mile/hour winds to explain that doing so is dangerous?

Jim Santore  used to do that. Seems he has passed the baton to the new guy.

Well, time to do some beading. Weather Channel is the party station for today. Stop by! Leave a comment. Hip us to your snack of the day.


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