Inspiration Station – September 2011

September 1, 2011

Holy Moley! It’s September already? Noooooo….I need another week of summer. Not ready for the unruly teenagers going back to school, jamming the buses, and hitting old people with their book bags.

I used to love September. It was the month that signalled “back to—” whether work or school. As a child, shopping for new notebooks, pens, book bags was fun. So much to choose from, and less expensive than toys.  Yes, I was a nerd, and proud of it!

Now that there is no more class to prepare for, what shall I go “back to” ?

This week we (Mom and I) did a clean out of the entire house.  Found a great cleanout service that took some old furniture and appliances for us.  The vacuum cleaner got a work out yesterday, as I ran it throughout the house. No more summer dust to drive my eyes crazy. Opened every window so the last of the summer breezes could freshen every room.  The lawn is sufficiently mowed, with only some small tree trimming left to do.  Today did the last of the laundry, so next week starts truly fresh. All that’s left are some minor changes Mom wants to make to her studio. (Last summer, I redid my studio.)

My final bit is to re-organize my work table.  Seeing too many things out gets me blocked. End up starting one item, seeing another unfinished which causes a tug of war in my head. So today, I’m going to list my projects, put them on the board, then clear and organize my stash from BeadFest.

By the weekend I hope to have a new review up as well, so stay tuned!


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