Inspiration Station – September 2011

September 13, 2011

Well, the month started with a bang. My September 11 radio show “Patriot Day-You are not alone” was flash-mobbed.

The show started out smoothly, a couple friends called in. Then the second hour, almost 75 people popped into the chat room, then the switchboard lit up. My wingman unlocked the first call, and boy was that a mistake. It became obvious the calls were trolls. Nasty messages appeared in the chatroom.

We shut the show down early.

Part of me is disappointed that a show honoring Sept 11 would be trolled. However, there are enough crazy rude people in the world that I’m not surprised.  I’m glad I was able to discuss those unsung heroes before the crap happened.

I have to give a big thank you to my buddies at NDBMedia for the support and help, especially head honcho “The Admiral”.

In other news, I’ve finished the mandala I started at the beginning of summer.

Finally! Finished and matted.

It is available for sale at my Artfire store. I’m also trying out a new venue, Zibbet. That store is not up yet. More items to be added before it’s promoted.

My next radio show is “Shy Rosalind’s Hottie 2011. The nominees will be up shortly. It will be two rounds. One winner in each category moves on to the Overall Winner. Stay tuned for round one.


3 Responses to “Inspiration Station – September 2011”

  1. sportsgeeks Says:

    wow that’s so horrible i cannot believe how some people can just troll around especially on a special day like that, ugh…have a great nite…

  2. rosalindsstudio Says:

    Thanks dear! I just decided not to stress about it. Just another learning experience.

  3. sportsgeeks Says:

    yes it is, learning something new everyday is a blessing…

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