Facebooking from Heaven?

November 8, 2011

Last week  I noticed a new profile on Facebook. It shocked me. Why? Because the profile is of a deceased celebrity. I know this person is deceased, but someone strolling along FB wouldn’t know until they scroll to the bottom of the info section. It looks like a regular current profile, with interests–including Zynga games, photos, employment and a friends list. For those who even bother to read all the way to the bottom to learn the person is deceased; the creator of the deceased celebrity’s profile put a disclaimer “This is a fan SIGHT” at the bottom of the info page. Yes, that is how it’s spelled.

If one flips to the wall page it appears this person plays Cityville. Other people are sharing points with said deceased person, commenting on their photos, and such. A fan/tribute page should say so up front.

As a matter of fact, tribute pages have a slightly different look than a regular profile. For example, if you search for Nat King Cole: The basic information comes up first. You see that it was created by the Cole family’s agent, with his contact information. The page is listed as “musician/band”.

No employment, or other such information. There is a friends list, and interests, but they all relate to the person. There’s no Zynga game on NKC’s page. Why does this bother me? If you’re going to do a tribute page, do it right. Maybe I’m hypersensitive, but it feels disrespectful to create and use a profile as if the person is still with us.

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