Trunk Show Debriefing

November 20, 2011


Had my first “in house” trunk show last week. First I have to say THANK YOU to the folks at PHlex Health & Wellness Studio for hosting it.  They’re a great group.

The plan was to introduce my items to clients, and hopefully sell a few “early” holiday  items. It was an interesting experience. First, the table adventure. I rush ordered a folding table from Amazon after the first table I ordered didn’t ship in time.

Well, the other table arrived Monday afternoon–the middle of the first day of the show.  Yeah, big help that was–it was returned the next day.

The display turned out better than expected. Each day I rotated items out, so clients didn’t see the same things.

Nifty set up

The table met expectations, lightweight, yet sturdy enough to hold the display. I did use risers, which made a big difference. No one had to bend over too far to look at the offerings.

Total sales: well, less than $50. However, considering the space was free, I made a profit. 😀

Will I do it again? Not sure. I think the clients just want to come in, work out and keep moving on. We’ll see. One client did comment that my prices were too low. So I made changes at both stores.


One Response to “Trunk Show Debriefing”

  1. Debbie Says:

    Hey there, from a fellow Zibbeter. Just wanted to say that your display looks great!!! Glad to hear that you a profit. 🙂

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