2011 Year End Wrap Up

December 23, 2011

Well 2011 comes to an end. For some of us, it didn’t come soon enough, for others (like me) we weren’t ready for Spring to end.

So, let me wrap up the year by discussing a few things I discovered both in beading and life.

1. Color of the year: Tangerine. Actually it’s more of a deep orange/red. Can’t wait to do some more with this color.

2. Purchased Margie Deebs “How to Extract a Color Pallette” download. Very helpful guide for how to coordinate a color scheme without the “matchy matchy” feel.  Also got a sneak peek at her upcoming “coloring book” for jewelry artists.  THAT’s gonna be a hit fo sho’. 🙂

3. Purchased some wonderful finds from Singing Cat Studio, Bead My Love, SilverSilk, and the “Cabachon Man” at BeadFest this August. Here’s a piece for sale using SilverSilk and Singing Cat’s art:

Mixing it up, chain, SilverSilk and a beautiful pendant

4. Made a few new “Twitter” friends, including CraftOptics. I’m digging the magnifiers, that might be a New Year’s gift to myself. Can’t wait for BeadFest 2012.

5. Discovered BeadUnique Magazine is now Bead Design Studio. There’s new features, redesigned project pages and more. I love the new look!

6. Totally enjoying using Zibbet for my Mens/Home lines. Had a few sales right away, so it’s promising. And a special “shout out” to Dani Breitwork for tweeting my stuff. Thanks!

7. Personal stuff: Love my new position. Learning more about the business side of having a business while combining with health care experience.  Lost a good friend, but made/found some more.  Made it through a year at NDB Media, can’t believe the fun I’ve had so far. Woot woot!

As for resolutions, I have none. I don’t make them ’cause the end up broken. However, my quest to lose weight will continue. 🙂

Stay safe, stay fun, stay funky fresh.

See you in 2012!!




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