Inspiration Station – Valentine’s Message 2012

February 11, 2012


“Hey Rosalind, don’t you have something to say for Valentine’s day?,” you ask.

Well, not a whole lot. Of course my family are my valentines-that’s a given. And I love my friends. Many of them have significant others who will treat them, and say that extra “I love you”, even if it means a Snoopy card and Hershey’s Kisses.

Last night NDBMedia premiered a new show “Raise Your Glass”. The topic was friendship.

What does the word mean? How do you distinguish friend from acquaintance? Are Facebook friends really friends? The one thing we figured out is that we need to love ourselves first. If you don’t have a “special” one, so what? Treat yourself! Get the massage you’ve needed. Host a cooking party. Do something for you.

I don’t have a significant other, and that’s okay. I’ll find a way to treat myself. Besides had drinks with a friend a few weeks ago and he gave me the most beautiful complement. Still floating on a cloud from it.

That’s my dozen roses.

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