Fork In The Beading Road

May 26, 2012

As with most (I think) of my fellow beaders, things are slow lately. We put out our best, and it sits–waiting for someone to appreciate and purchase it.

We update our FaceBook page with photos, Tweet like angry birds, “pin” on the new Pinterest cushion. Nothing happens.

Lately I sat down and decided to make a few changes.

First, clean house. That is why everything currently in my Artfire and Zibbet stores (links on the left folks) are  50% off. I have new items in the works, but frankly I need space to store them properly. There’s nothing worse than finishing a piece, leaving it out in the air, and 30 days later–tarnished.

Second, it would be nice to have some sales under my belt before heading to Beadfest. At least I can justify picking up more supplies and have an idea of what will sell and not.

After the sale(which I haven’t decided on an end date yet), I will probably close one or both of my online stores. I’m paying approximately $16/month to keep them open. Then advertising, online it’s about $50/month, print is sporadic, but my last two mailings came to $120. And that’s just for 100 postcards. I will need to continue advertising of course, so where can I be more efficient?

RMBDesigns will have to be only one site, one fee. Granted Artfire and Zibbet are turnkey, no programming knowledge needed. However, Artfire has become saturated with jewelry. Zibbet isn’t yet, but it’s getting there.

There are additional things to concentrate on: better photos, perhaps more consistent pricing, culling the older items that just won’t sell.

I certainly will continue this blog. I’ve received great feedback and love that people are following and read my musings. I hope it helps someone out there. 🙂 As things begin to change, you bet updates will be here. It will be fun to read the feedback.

In other news: I’m still looking for a fitness/health professional to join me on my next radio show. May 30 10PM Eastern Time via NDB Media on Blogtalk Radio

May 30 (Wednesday) – 10PM EST
“Honey, do these ‘genes’ make me look fat?”
Can one be overweight and healthy? What is “fat acceptance?” Join Shy as she discusses the obesity issue. Inspired by a debate in the New York Times “Women, Weight, and Wellness” and the HBO Documentary “Weight of a Nation.”

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