Retrograde? or Just Crazy? – August 2012

August 10, 2012

“Mercury is in retrograde. That’s why everyone’s nutso.” This was the reason offered by a friend when she heard me talking about the weird things happening during the week.

Perhaps the planets do influence u, either via gravitational pull, electromagnetic activity.

Today a subway “preacher” ranted on about men’s pants hanging too low, and women’s tops rising too high. How we are ignorant and cuss at each other faster than being polite to each other. And he cursed the entire time. Yep the “preacher” cursed one sentence, then prayed the next.

Then one person decides to stand still on the left side of the escalator. Here in NYC, the left side of the escalator is for those who want to keep moving. If you can’t, the unspoken rule is to stay to the right.  This woman decides  she’s standing on the left. The man behind her screamed in her ear for her to move.


She turned to stone. For a moment it seemed he was going to push her. Instead he huffed and rolled his eyes until they reached the top of the platform.

Then he pushed her. She just walked away. No cursing, no yelling, no swinging the umbrella into his crotch.

Now that was weird.  I’m going to stick with “people are just crazy”.  There cannot be any gravitational pull strong enough to make someone act like that.

While the freaks come out at night, allow me to update a few projects.

This coming Sunday August 12, 7PM EST  is the second installment of  The Pandorica Opens – a Doctor Who discussion show on SciFi Pulse via NDB Media.  This week we’re discussing David Tennant’s tenure.

My excercise/wellness plan is in it’s 2nd month. As of today, I’ve lost 3 pounds, and up to 2miles/week on the treadmill. 🙂

My new store Pond’s Edge Designs is under construction.  It’s taking longer than planned due to technical difficulties with the credit card processor. But it’s resolved so now I’m adding inventory.  I hope to be open before I leave for BeadFest Philadelphia.

Speaking of BeadFest- I can’t wait to visit my favorite vendors again. This year I’m taking a photography refresher class. With a new store it’s time to step up the photos.

Last but not least, my regular show on NDB Media is scheduled for August 29, 10PM EST. Have no idea what the topic will be yet, so stay tuned. 🙂

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