Inspiration Station September2012 – Say Cheese!

September 15, 2012

This year at BeadFest Philadelphia I took Jim Lawson’s photography workshop. He demonstrated a basic lighting set up, and why a tripod and off white paper is important in jewelry photography.  I fell in love with the software he uses, but alas, it is only for Mac, not PC.

It’s been a while, but I finally received my new tripod ($29 from Amazon), and found PhotoScape, a free software for PC’s.

I love Photoscape! It has more enhancement options than the software that came with my camera. (Olympus FE-210). As a matter of fact the Olympus software is now obsolete. Good thing I found Photoscape. So while building my new store I played around with Mr. tripod and Photoscape. Here are some of the results:







They are much much clearer than when taken without the tripod. I used sunlight, and off-white sketchbook paper as the background. I did some clean up with the software (sharpened, cropped, some white balance).  If Mr. Lawson teaches at a BeadFest near you, I highly recommend taking the class. He was generous answering questions. I believe he’s planning an advanced workshop–if it happens, I’ma be there!

In other news: my next radio show is tomorrow (9/16) 7PM EST with Ian & Raissa on SciFi Pulse’s “The Pandorica Opens”. We’re discussing the new Doctor Who Episode “A Town Called Mercy.”

My normal show “The Eclectic Experience” is Sept 26 10PM EST. It seems the topic will be about beading, craft business, and other stuff.


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