Inspiration Station – December 2012

December 29, 2012

Holy Moley! 2012 is just about over. Blink–it’s gone. What a year. Some of us had a great year, some of us just want it over. Last night, my compatriot Tanya M discussed resolutions on her radio program (Raise Your Glass). She refuses to make resolutions. First, people make them and don’t keep them. Then, if you need to change something in your life, why wait until the year is over to do it?Good point.

My feeling is people need a starting line. Folks need that sense of “okay it didn’t go this time, but I’m starting again”. Resolutions are a promise to “do over”.  I do agree with Tanya however. Don’t wait for January 1–just do it now.

Speaking of January 1st: join me as I fill in for Roger Noriega on Tuesday Night in America on Blogtalk Radio. I’ll discuss the top ten resolutions people make, but don’t necessarily keep–and offer some positive advice to start 2013.

How was the Holiday Event, you ask?

I met some lovely people. My table looked just the way I hoped:

My display at the Holiday Event.

My display at the Holiday Event.

Unfortunately, the turnout was very light. We vendors supported each other after the initial crowd left. It was a positive learning experience. I know I’ll be ready for the next event. Square worked great with my new tablet. Most of the “lookers’ gave positive feedback on the designs:

“Very different!”

“This is outside the box.”

“You’re going to do well. This is not your average jewelry.”



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