Inspiration Station – January 2013

January 26, 2013

Baby it’s cold outside! However, winter is half-way over and we just received our first cold snap and a little bit of snow. We have no right to complain. 😀

Updates updates:

My Adventure in Health:

I had to pause my workouts for a bit. Without going into a heap of TMI, my body wants a checkup. So I see a new family physician this week. Not that worried, though. Still losing weight–everyone’s commented on it, and another pair of pants has become too large. Since the workouts have stopped, not sure why I’m still losing.

The Store:

After a few hiccups, the store is chugging along. Lots of new art, in addition to some originals from the early store. I even have a newsletter again. To subscribe, visit the store and sign up. Newsletters are sent at the end of each month, only once a month, so no spam. And I do NOT rent or sell my mailing list.

Click the logo to visit:


Radio Show:

Yes, I’m back! My regular show is January 30, 10PM EST.  Show topic: Internet hoaxes, Facbook annoyances, and whatever current event I feel like dishing on. Hosted by NDB Media on Blogtalk Radio. The link will be posted shortly.

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