@NYCSanitation: Fix My Fence!

March 11, 2013

Dear NYC Department of Sanitation.

One of your street sweeper drivers needs to be re-tested.

Last Friday night March 8, 2013 at the end of a brief snow storm I heard a rumbling sound. It was a familiar one. One I hear every week. It was a NYC Sanitation street sweeper. Since it was late at night, it barely registered.

I went to bed.

Saturday morning I head out the door to run some needed errands. I step through my front gate, and this greeted me:

fence damage sidewalk view1

After a stream of cuss words, I reluctantly showed my mother and proceeded to take  more photos. Notice the debris: that is garbage and old leaves FROM THE CURB. They were not there on Friday, since I shovelled the snow on Friday.Then I noticed the street cleaner barely missed hitting the fire hydrant:

They just missed damaging the hydrant. Look at the garbage!

They just missed damaging the hydrant. Look at the garbage!

But that wasn’t all. I had to call ConEdison because, you guessed it–the utility pole was hit also:

ConEd had to be called.

ConEd had to be called.

And you can see the rest of the garbage strewn onto the sidewalk. I am NOT cleaning Sanitation’s mess. The entire fence is covered in mud from the sweeper’s wayward driving.

Here’s the damage from inside the yard. And yes, there is crap thrown into our yard from the curb.

Garbage inside the yard also.

Garbage inside the yard also.

Another view up close.

Another view up close.

The damage is bad enough. What really stinks is whoever was driving wasn’t man enough to stop and at least leave a note apologizing.  You know, something like “Dear Homeowner I lost control, sorry. Please call DSNY.”

Really, MAN UP!! Admit the accident, report it to your supervisor and do the right thing! Instead an angry taxpayer is blogging, tweeting and filing a complaint directly to the Department.

Did you think I wouldn’t??? Our fence cost us $5000. I’ll be damned if we’re spending another penny to fix what we didn’t damage. And by we, I mean self-employed me and my elderly mother who’s on a fixed income.

Well, NYC Sanitation? NYC’s Strongest? Then send two strong guys with a broom to clean up the mess your accident prone street sweeper left behind! And while you’re at it–FIX MY DAMN FENCE.

Thank you.

Rosalind Brinson

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