Spicy Marsala!

Yes the cousin of red and brown is Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2015. You can read Pantone Company’s announcement HERE

Marsala is an  interesting choice. It conjures up a tasty dinner on a cold winter night. It’s that color where you need something sophisticated to wear, yet not gold, bronze, silver, or the standard black. It works well with those colors also: a marsala tunic blouse with a gold or silver belt with a gray skirt-perfect for happy hour.

For beading, marsala is one of those colors we don’t often run to. I find myself working with tried and true color families, the blue, red, off-white, lighter browns, and the greens.  While organizing my stash, I came across some cubed delica beads in a bronze, very close to marsala. Hmm…another project for my 2015 list.


In other color news, if you need the perfect gift for the jewelry design artist in your life, RUN to your nearest bookstore (or order online from you know where, or just go to MargieDeeb.com) and get Margie Deeb’s latest: The Beader’s Guide to Jewelry Design (Lark Books).  Margie Deeb is an expert on color theory, and teaches classes around the United States.  She is also an art director, graphic designer and a musician. This book should be one on the must have list for the beader’s library.  I own her other book, The Beader’s Color Palette, and reference it regularly. (I also had the pleasure of taking a class a few years back. If you get the opportunity, take it.)

With the Design Guide, Ms. Deeb posted questions on social media and to her newsletter subscribers. Some of the responses appear in the book. Therefore, it has the feel of a cooperative effort. It also allowed folks to pose the questions/quanderies everyone has, but no one wanted to ask.

The book is set as a pathway. It begins with “Unity” and proceeds through topics such as “Balance”, “Shape”, “Color”  and concludes with “The Creative Journey”. Along the way there are challenges to help the designer understand the chapter and experiment.  I admit I have not finished the book (just getting to “Balance”) but it’s one where I know if I have to set it aside for a bit, or review, it’s okay. I’ll probably discover something new anyway. 🙂

2015 here we come! New color, new reference guide, new year!


I am donating 10% of all December sales from Pond’s Edge Designs to Feeding America.org.

Yes, Tanya Mercado and I will be on the air next Friday 12/19/14. Then off until after the holidays.

Be safe, happy, healthy and creative this season. See you next month!





Welcome Spring!!!!

Finally, no more ice, no more shoveling. Spring rains have arrived, cleansing the earth. Tulips, daffodils and other flowers are pushing up, dotting lawns with green. Spring also means I’m back on the road. My first personal appearance for 2014 is MrsJax Shop&Sip – The Metamorphosis Event. April 26, in Elmont NY. You can purchase tickets HERE. There will be a gift basket raffle, DJ rocking the tunes, and other great vendors.
I  have to give a shout out to Love Being a Lady. Tomorrow  (April 5)is their Big Hat Brunch and Shopping Expo. The first 50 attendees will receive Goody Bags filled with great stuff from me and other vendors.  10 special “Lucky Ladies”  will find an amazing offer from me in their bags.

In other fun news, I received wonderful feedback regarding my men’s/home line from an artisan gallery in Manhattan. Yes, Pond’s Edge is hitting the big leagues! Date to be determined, but once booked, you’ll hear about it first. In the meantime, pop over to my Facebook page, or Twitter (pondsedgedesign) or Pinterest.

New Logo!

New Logo!

Enjoy Spring! Hope to see some of you at MrsJax’s  Metamorphosis!

Yes, I said “summer”. I know I missed a month. July was nuts. Had to get another cortisone shot in both hands, and my friend’s wedding, and prepping for my appearance at Mrs Jax Shop & Sip. A few words about that:

It was a BLAST!

The turnout was good, my fellow vendors were friendly and cheerful. A group of friends from high school showed up. The organizer  also attended the same school, so she got them out.  The DJ had the best mix of gospel, R&B, and funk/soul. He kept the crowd going. The best news is that I made my sales goal! Came home with a little $$ after expenses. The next one is in November, stay tuned for that announcement.

If you want to see photos go here:  Mrs. Jax Shop & Sip

The best part about doing live shows is learning what customers like, don’t like, and hearing what they are looking for. It helps me decide what to stock up on, and what to phase out. For example, I didn’t expect my keychains and pens to sell out, but they did. Girls bought the men’s pendants, lots of interest in the cufflinks, but no one jumped at the swizzle sticks.  It was a great learning experience.

Next up, three radio shows..two for Raise Your Glass, one of my own “The Eclectic Experience”  My last show featured and interview with Terri Callsen, author and biopolar disorder counselor.  The interview is here:  ShyRosalind’s Book Corner 

Finally, next weekend I head to BeadFest Philadelphia!  Got my class registration, train ticket, and hotel.

Before I step off, my next radio show is August 28, 10PM EST. The topic is “How to be successfully self-employed-without getting scammed.” I’ll post the link as it gets nearer to the date.

Here’s a photo from Shop & Sip:


Color of The Year 2013

January 1, 2013

Pantone has announced their 2013 Color of the Year–and it’s a nice one:

Emerald Green

(Click the color to read the announcement.)

Yes, we’re off to see the Wizard.  The Pantone Company announcement explained,

“Most often associated with brilliant, precious gemstones, the perception of Emerald is sophisticated and luxurious. Since antiquity, this luminous, magnificent hue has been the color of beauty and new life in many cultures and religions. It’s also the color of growth, renewal and prosperity – no other color conveys regeneration more than green. For centuries, many countries have chosen green to represent healing and unity.”

I love working with this color. Interestingly, I have a soon-to-be-offered item with this color:

I just finished this a few weeks ago.

I just finished this a few weeks ago.

Time to dig into the stash and see what other emerald treasures I have.

My local appearance for 2012! Meet me and see my art in person!


Holiday “SHOP-BUY-FEAST” Event

December 15 2012 12noon – 6PM

Democratic Club

197-01 Linden Boulevard, St. Albans NY

COME and “Shop” with us for the holidays, we have everything for the whole family and it’s free to attend. Jewelry, Perfume, Men’s Apparel, Children’s Books, Woman’s Pocketbooks, Beautiful Candles, Hats & Scarf’s, Bath & Body Creams, Women & Men Accessories…etc and Much More!

AND! When you purchase $20 or more from one of our vendors you get a free holiday meal feast at the event (While Food Supplies Last)! So Come Early!

The Event is FREE for customers to attend. We have one of the World Famous “Drifters” – Rick Sheppard (Hit songs “Under the Boardwalk” “Up on the Roof” “On Broadway”), will be there Autographing his Holiday Album CD’s as well as the Marvelettes Revue (featuring Rhonda Franklin) and we will also have some great holiday children attractions.

Join our parade kick off: 11:30 AM – “Elites Marching Band of Queens”

Santa’s Elf will give out free gifts to the little ones (while supplies last).

Help Beyond Beadery

August 31, 2012

I received this since I’m on Margie Deeb’s mailing list. Couldn’t believe it:

Help Beyond Beadery

A thief stole 2 days worth of cash from Beyond Beadery’s booth during BeadFest. That is a lot of money folks. As Margie noted, two days worth of sales could be several people’s paychecks. Beyond Beadery is one of the biggest, most friendly vendors at Bead Fest. To help them out, Margie suggests we purchase gift certificates. This gives them time to fill orders while replenishing stock.


A Word From Our Sponsor

July 14, 2012

Just a little self promotion:

After 3 years with Artfire and 1 year with Zibbet, I’m closing both stores July 21.  Both companies are great. Never had an issue with either. Both are relatively user friendly.

So why am I leaving?

Both have become over saturated, especially Artfire, for jewelry and accessories.  I did have some small success with both Arfire and Zibbet. However there isn’t much I can do to have my store stand out on those sites. Also, there is an architect with the same initials as I, and our names are confused, especially on Twitter.

The new company name is : Pond’s Edge Art & Accessories 

The store should be operational by July 31. In the meantime, I’m running a final sale at both Artfire and Zibbet–20% off all items until July 20. After that, both stores will close.

A big thank you to all my customers, FaceBook and Twitter fans.  Please visit Pond’s Edge when it’s up and running.

As with most (I think) of my fellow beaders, things are slow lately. We put out our best, and it sits–waiting for someone to appreciate and purchase it.

We update our FaceBook page with photos, Tweet like angry birds, “pin” on the new Pinterest cushion. Nothing happens.

Lately I sat down and decided to make a few changes.

First, clean house. That is why everything currently in my Artfire and Zibbet stores (links on the left folks) are  50% off. I have new items in the works, but frankly I need space to store them properly. There’s nothing worse than finishing a piece, leaving it out in the air, and 30 days later–tarnished.

Second, it would be nice to have some sales under my belt before heading to Beadfest. At least I can justify picking up more supplies and have an idea of what will sell and not.

After the sale(which I haven’t decided on an end date yet), I will probably close one or both of my online stores. I’m paying approximately $16/month to keep them open. Then advertising, online it’s about $50/month, print is sporadic, but my last two mailings came to $120. And that’s just for 100 postcards. I will need to continue advertising of course, so where can I be more efficient?

RMBDesigns will have to be only one site, one fee. Granted Artfire and Zibbet are turnkey, no programming knowledge needed. However, Artfire has become saturated with jewelry. Zibbet isn’t yet, but it’s getting there.

There are additional things to concentrate on: better photos, perhaps more consistent pricing, culling the older items that just won’t sell.

I certainly will continue this blog. I’ve received great feedback and love that people are following and read my musings. I hope it helps someone out there. 🙂 As things begin to change, you bet updates will be here. It will be fun to read the feedback.

In other news: I’m still looking for a fitness/health professional to join me on my next radio show. May 30 10PM Eastern Time via NDB Media on Blogtalk Radio

May 30 (Wednesday) – 10PM EST
“Honey, do these ‘genes’ make me look fat?”
Can one be overweight and healthy? What is “fat acceptance?” Join Shy as she discusses the obesity issue. Inspired by a debate in the New York Times “Women, Weight, and Wellness” and the HBO Documentary “Weight of a Nation.”

Yes yes ya’ll…it’s that time again! Next radio show is:

Shy Rosalind’s Double Feature: NYC Spring Bead Show/Hotties 2012 Part 1.

I’m back, and I’m on a roll. First up is a review of the Whole Bead Show’s NYC Spring event, held this past weekend(today is the last day). It’s not as big as BeadFest, but has it’s own charm. And I did find some interesting items.

Then, more fun as we discuss my new crop of hot guys. This month is part 1, next month is part 2, then the voting.  If you want to check them out before the show, here’s the list:

Russel Crowe

Matt Damon

Morris Chestnut

Dwayne(The Rock) Johnson

Jude Law

Robert Downey Jr.

This year includes a special category–Lifetime Achievement. No voting on these gents, just a celebration of their glory. Tune in for those names.

In other news, RMBDesigns is rapidly approaching the 1000 fan mark on Facebook! I have a very special promotion planned once it happens. If you want in, visit my page (RMBDesigns) and hit that “Like” button.  The celebration will cover both my Artfire and Zibbet venues, so no one will miss out.