Spicy Marsala!

Yes the cousin of red and brown is Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2015. You can read Pantone Company’s announcement HERE

Marsala is an  interesting choice. It conjures up a tasty dinner on a cold winter night. It’s that color where you need something sophisticated to wear, yet not gold, bronze, silver, or the standard black. It works well with those colors also: a marsala tunic blouse with a gold or silver belt with a gray skirt-perfect for happy hour.

For beading, marsala is one of those colors we don’t often run to. I find myself working with tried and true color families, the blue, red, off-white, lighter browns, and the greens.  While organizing my stash, I came across some cubed delica beads in a bronze, very close to marsala. Hmm…another project for my 2015 list.


In other color news, if you need the perfect gift for the jewelry design artist in your life, RUN to your nearest bookstore (or order online from you know where, or just go to MargieDeeb.com) and get Margie Deeb’s latest: The Beader’s Guide to Jewelry Design (Lark Books).  Margie Deeb is an expert on color theory, and teaches classes around the United States.  She is also an art director, graphic designer and a musician. This book should be one on the must have list for the beader’s library.  I own her other book, The Beader’s Color Palette, and reference it regularly. (I also had the pleasure of taking a class a few years back. If you get the opportunity, take it.)

With the Design Guide, Ms. Deeb posted questions on social media and to her newsletter subscribers. Some of the responses appear in the book. Therefore, it has the feel of a cooperative effort. It also allowed folks to pose the questions/quanderies everyone has, but no one wanted to ask.

The book is set as a pathway. It begins with “Unity” and proceeds through topics such as “Balance”, “Shape”, “Color”  and concludes with “The Creative Journey”. Along the way there are challenges to help the designer understand the chapter and experiment.  I admit I have not finished the book (just getting to “Balance”) but it’s one where I know if I have to set it aside for a bit, or review, it’s okay. I’ll probably discover something new anyway. 🙂

2015 here we come! New color, new reference guide, new year!


I am donating 10% of all December sales from Pond’s Edge Designs to Feeding America.org.

Yes, Tanya Mercado and I will be on the air next Friday 12/19/14. Then off until after the holidays.

Be safe, happy, healthy and creative this season. See you next month!




What a summer! Did we have one? Here in my neck of the woods, there have been maybe 3 days that could be considered hot. Otherwise, it’s been cool nights and rainy days. I’m not complaining, I’m enjoying it. Anything is better than winter–anything.

One summertime event I’m bummed to miss this year is BeadFest in Philadelphia. BeadFest is a 4-day bead and art show full of classes and serious shopping. It’s my go-to event to stock up on supplies/tools, meet fellow beaders, and find new fun, funky pieces to create with. If you are in the Oaks, PA area, the show continues tomorrow and Sunday (Aug23-24).

As a consolation, I’m heading to my local bead shops in the morning, but it won’t be the same.

So what else is new?
Another fantastic event is coming up in September 27: Mrs Jax Shop & Sip is back in Elmont NY. Each event is a fundraiser for a specific charity. The past two were for BASICS International School. September’s event is for Heavenly Angels Animal Rescue. If you’re in the area, come by!


Tickets are $5, a portion is donated to the animal rescue. There will be raffles, certificates for free vaccinations, good food, music, and of course shopping! A donation box for pet toys, cleaning supplies, pet food will be onsite also.

I found some interesting artwork at the NYC Public Library. Peter Bynum’ Illuminated Paint. I may stop back tomorrow and take another look:

Bynum's Paint 1

Here’s another:Bynum Paint 2Wishing everyone a safe,  fun, remainder of Summer!

Woooo! June is busting out! The MrsJax Shop & Sip event was a success. Made the most I ever have at a show. It was fun meeting the other vendors, seeing an old friend, and meeting new and current customers.

I found a new webhost: Jewelspan.com is the new home of Pond’s Edge Designs. Still transitioning products, but it is working. A few new cufflinks and home decor/gifts are already available. You can click on the pen photo to see the new shop.

My most popular items, the Fashionista Pen

My most popular items, the Fashionista Pen

Men's line is launched!

Men’s line is launched!


Next up is the next episode of the Eclectic Experience! I’m bringing back the hotties! It’s how the show got started so I’m going back to my roots.  There will be two divisions: Domestic and International. You can post nominees as a comment here, or visit my FaceBook page (facebook.com/shyrosalind) and post there. Within the next week I will have a poll set up. Voting will only be for a few days at most, then the show.  In the meantime, take a listen to the lastest Raise Your Glass with Tanya Mercado. We chatted with the crew from the new film “A Life for A Life” premiering at the Manhattan Film Festival July 1.


Yes, I will confess – things have been rough the past month or so. Fell completely off the health wagon. Sugar cravings through the roof. Ran around helping everyone else(I didn’t mind-and would have no matter what.) and neglected myself a bit. It was clear something was off because I stopped beading.

That’s right- I stopped beading for almost a month. Came home, showered, ate/overate, crawled into my comfy chair and binge-watched “Top Gear” “Hotel Impossible” and “Rev Run’s Renovation”. Hell, I even peeked at “Thicker Than Water”–that show was my rock bottom.

Went in for my annual checkup. The good news- I did not gain any weight over the past 6 months. The bad news-failed my blood test-(I am pre-diabetic)-and my Vitamin D level was  almost zero.

So, going off the sugar again (gradually). It’s easier this time since there are so many more yummy choices than a few years ago. Artificial sweetners are a no-no. They’re worse than real sugar. I started Vitamin D therapy. The initial doses are so strong they had to be via prescription.  Egg whites keep me full during the day at work. Almond drink (not milk) in my cereal  on weekends tastes great and no need to add sugar. Yes I jones for some chocolate and allow myself one  if it gets really bad. But it hasn’t been that bad lately.  Walking as much as possible-can’t wait for spring so I can do more.

The best part: I’m back to beading, and promoting my business. And just in time. I have a show at the end of next month, and two others to send samples out for.  However I decided to take a hiatus from my radio show until mid-spring. Between the other checkups, the events, work and family something had to give for a little while. Believe me I already miss it.

So today’s lesson: be good to yourself, go to the doctor, eat right and excercise. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, don’t be afraid or feel guilty saying “Hold up, I need a break.”  A healthy artist is a thriving artist.

Oh I did have another adventure with city government. The fire hydrant in front of our house broke. Fortunately NYC Sanitation and DEP came out at 10PM and worked on it, broke up the ice, and put down special ice melt. Our fence is covered in ice, but it is pretty:

We have a solid fence at the moment.

We have a solid fence at the moment.


Peace, Love & Soooooul,


Happy New Year!

I’m not going to mention the cold. Not going to talk about the polar wave/swirl/express that roared into half of the United States. Nope, won’t complain about freezing my face waiting for the bus and asking “Is it March yet?”

Instead I will express gratitude for my warm home, quick home heating oil delivery, and the few breaks in between that allowed me to stock up for the next cold snap.

Is it March yet?

Speaking of Spring: Pantone announced their Color of the Year–Radiant Orchid. You can read about it here. It is a wondrous shade of purple, not too dark, and not very light either. Check it out:

From Pantone's website

From Pantone’s website

Have I created anything with this color? Hmm…this is is the family but not quite:

Purple power cufflnks

This is closer to the orchid–but not exact:

Much closer to the orchid tone, one of my classic earrings.

Much closer to the orchid tone, one of my classic earrings.

You can bet there will be more to come using this amazing shade. And when spring returns, it would be a travesty not to find any “radiant orchid”  in the gardens.

While we wait for the thaw, a few announcements:

Raise Your Glass with Tanya Mercado started 2014 with a hot topic: religious intolerance. Friday night’s show was hopping. Catch it in the archive: Raise Your Glass on NDBMedia

NDBMedia has a new up and coming star: Marc B. Lee – host of The Mark on NDBMedia His shows range from the Golden Globes, “The Walking Dead” viewing party, to cosplay, to celebrity chats. Pop over to his Facebook Page for the schedule.

Spring brings change- and it will be celebrated at MrsJaxShop&Sip on April 26 in Elmont NY. The theme is “Metamorphosis” and the charity supported is BASICs International. Tickets are $5.00. Click on flyer to purchase a ticket.


Well, another year almost gone. Time has passed way too quickly. But then again, we say that every year. For some of us, it’s been magnificent, for others 2013 could not have ended sooner. Here are some highlights, follow-ups, and shameless plugs:

1. The Home Depot adventure – I am happy to report the refrigerator still works. We will not purchase another large appliance from HD, but will continue to buy smaller items. However, the mini-fridge from Sears needs a new part. Thankfully it’s under warranty so I expect a smoother repair.

2. Live appearances – My business goal was to do 2 in 2013. I made it!! My second show was last month, at MrsJax Shop&Sip in Elmont. I made back my expenses and a little extra.  For 2014,  3 shows are the goal. I will post the dates/location as I book them. On a side note, the store may be changing one more time. I’m considering moving the men’s items to their own shop. Seems the fellas get antsy when they have to search among “girly” stuff. When it’s up, the trumpets will sound and link posted here.

3. Radio shows: I have had a blast working with Tanya Mercado on Raise Your Glass. We had a phenomenal interview this past Friday with Charlotte Laws.  Charlotte took on a revenge porn webmaster and won. Listen to the archive HERE

My own show, “The Eclectic Experience” returned the day before Thanksgiving with the “Attitude of Gratitude” episode.

If you are a Science fiction convention maven, cosplayer, worked a convention, or just attended a bunch, check out a special show December 15,  7:00PM EST  hosted by Marc B. Lee “Just What Exactly Do Yo Do There?”

Finally, another shameless plug: Until December 13, I’m offering free shipping on any order. If you need an item in time for Christmas, please order no later than December 18 to ensure delivery. Visit my shop Pond’s Edge Designs by Rosalind Brinson to find that special something.

I wish everyone a wonderful Christmas, and a fantastic 2014!

Boo! – Okay, got that over with. I do like Halloween. It’s the one holiday everyone has the chance to be someone else for fun, Unlike the corporate holiday party, or big family shingdig, where you have to hide your flaws to please the in-laws or boss.

I hate corporate parties. Glad I’m not part of that anymore.

The other reason I like Halloween is it reminds me that my birthday is coming up. 😀 I don’t need presents anymore, but appreciate that friends & family remember it. The saddest feeling is one of loneliness. Being forgotten is a pain I don’t think I could handle.

Moving on to things I’ve come to love and hate during the summer/fall…

1. Top Gear on BBC America: I LOVE this show. Yes there is an American version (and Australian too), but there is nothing like Jeremy, James and Richard (Richard is FIIIIINE by the way) tooling around in expensive sports cars. Well, other than Jeremy, James and Richard struggling in old beat up cars.  I’m torn between the Africa and the North Pole road trips. Both presented amazing vistas, and unusual challenges for the guys. Seeing Richard break down and cry during his sledding run to the North Pole (it’s freaking lonely out there) made me cry. James and Jeremy’s near slugfest outside their vehicle in the snow made me nervous, They went from friends to near enemies in  a matter of days.  This show was a highlight of my summer. Catch it on BBC America.

2. Tia & Tamera:  These sisters are a hoot.  Watching them both experience pregnancy, and their adventures as working mothers was a refreshing change from the typical “reality” show.  They are more genuine than the family that starts with “K”.  The show has moved to Bravo (the Style Channel is no more).

3. Iyanla Fix My Life:  One of OWN’s true hit shows.  Counselor Iyanla VanZant travels across the country to help couples/families experiencing issues. Troubles range from parental negligence to abusive spouses, to  “reality” stars refusing to acknowledge true reality.  Several episodes stand out, but the one that got my goat was HWOA (Housewife of Atlanta) Shiree’s lack of emotion. Her ex husband called her out on how she blocked his contact with his children. She just sat there. No anger, no sorrow, no nothin’.  He made it clear that he felt he and their children were just “accessories” on her tv show.  No response. Chick just didn’t care.  It was a shake-my-head moment.  What I appreciate about this show is no quick fix is promised. The participants have to work at change even after Miz Iyanla leaves.

So, what made my hackles rise this summer/fall?

1. Reefer at 7am.  One of my neighbors smokes a joint on their front stoop before they leave for work. Not every day, maybe 3 out of 5 days/week.  If your job is so bad that you need a joint before leaving the house, perhaps you should look for something else? Or take early retirement? Haven’t smelled that stuff since high school, and it still stinks.  Other than that, they’re great neighbors.

2. Cutting the line at the bus stop: There is this one woman who saunters up the street, stands at the end of the line,  then as the bus pulls up pushes her way to the door.  Everyone’s giving her the “bitch are you crazy?” look.  She doesn’t care.  Haven’t seen her in a while, but I would not be surprised to hear someone pushed her out of the way.

3. Reefer at 7PM: Coming home, a different neighbor is outside with a halogen lamp, makeshift dominoes table and the gentlemen are—you guessed it—smoking reefer and playing dominoes. Cold as it has been, they are bundled up, lamp shining, playing dominoes.

4. The loss of a favorite show: The Bronson Pinchot Project.  It was on the DIY Network for 2 seasons. There was some filming for a spinoff “Bronson Pinchot Saves America”, but alas it is not to be. Bronson Pinchot, goofy as he is, knows architecture. His method has madness, but the results were off the chain. He takes reviving classic homes seriously.  No sanitized crown molding, or polyurathane flooring. He and his crew are salvage wizards.  It was such a pleasant change from the ton of other remodeling shows, I can’t believe it won’t return.  If you want to know what Bronson is up to, follow him on FaceBook (Bronson Pinchot Online)

5. Express bus follies:  Since hurricane Sandy, I’ve been taking the express bus to/from work. There are a few things that get on my last nerve. First TAKE YOUR BAGS OFF THE SEAT. You paid $6 for ONE seat, not two.  And stop rolling your eyes when someone asks you to move said bag.

Second, IF YOU CAN’T FIT, DON’T SIT.  Hey, I’m not a tiny person, if I see the seat’s a little tight, I move on. I do my best not to squeeze in and cause discomfort for the person next to me. DO THE SAME.

Third, DON’T EAT DINNER ON THE BUS. It’s an EXPRESS, which means you’ll be home in less than an hour. Save your dinner until you get home. Remember, it’s still NYC Transit, which means the buses are not cleaned every day, which means critters may be hiding.

Whew! That’s all for now.  If you are in the Elmont NY area, stop by MrsJax Shop & Sip Holiday Show. November 16  1-6PM I’d love to meet new and old customers.  Follow me on Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook (Pond’s Edge Designs by Rosalind Brinson) This coming Friday, join me and Tanya  on Raise Your Glass” on NDBMedia via Blogtalkradio.

Trayvon Martin

George Zimmerman

The four most discussed words in the United States at the moment.  When the verdict came in, I was at a friend’s wedding. Lots of love, happiness and good food. On the way home, a friend checked her Facebook account and found the news.  For me, it put a damper on an otherwise beautiful day.  In the hours, and now days that followed, tensions have run high. People are falling into three categories:

1. Travesty of Justice/No Justice No Peace/Racism is alive

These folks are mad as heck. Stating the obvious but not making suggestions for solutions.

2. Justice was served/Trayvon deserved it/Black people kill each other more than we do, why aren’t they complaining or marching about that.

I’ma get to this in a second, hang tight.

3. I can’t take this negativity any longer –people please stop posting about this and move on.

Nope, we can’t move on just yet. Take a break from Facebook and Twitter for a while.

Numbers 1 and 2 bother me the most. For the Number 1 campers – look up the links I post; walk through your neighborhoods, find/create organizations to prevent violence.  Say hello to your neighbors. Have a cookout, pass a plate of food over the fence,–hell SMILE and say good morning at least. A little kindness is a great start.

Let me horsewhip the Number 2 campers next:

You claim we don’t talk about or combat black on black crime. Some of the nastier of your ilk suggest that we prefer to use racism as a crutch to avoid responsibility.  Guess what? We DO complain about black on black crime. We DO work to take illegal guns of  the streets. We DO prefer to have safe places for children to play, old folks to walk, and be able to sit on our stoops and chat with the neighbors.  Since you haven’t noticed what has been reported, let me pass on a few examples:

Boeing pledges $5million to Chicago antiviolence campaign

Brooklyn grandmothers rally against violence

Florida’s own Crime Prevention in the Black Community

You see we live with it, so we are dealing with it. Should it get more press? Yes

Do we all follow the “don’t snitch” bullshit? No Because that’s what it is —bullshit. If your child/friend/spouse/parent were shot, wouldn’t you want someone who knows something to come forward? Don’t say ‘no’ ’cause you know that’s not true.  And if you’re thinking “don’t snitch because we don’t trust the po-lice” well not all police officers are inept or corrupt. Vigilante justice is not allowed in this country, so we have to use the people OUR TAX MONEY pays for to keep the peace.  Yes, we pay them, they work for us. Considering how quickly they captured D’aja Robinson’s killer, it seems someone got tired of the “don’t snitch” foolishness.

What gets my goat the most is reading comments suggesting that Trayvon wouldn’t have been approached by Zimmerman in the first place if he was “dressed properly”. The author of this statement said that if you “dress with respect you’ll be treated that way” (I’m paraphrasing).  Trayvon was walking home from a corner store.  Not a drug den, not a whorehouse—a CANDY STORE. Dear sir, how should one dress to buy Skittles? A suit and tie?

Let me digress for a moment about the “dress properly” statement (which was removed by the author–I just searched and it’s gone). Many moons ago, my godmother took me to a Christian day retreat. It was in a very nice neighborhood. I asked, since it was on a Saturday, if  I could wear jeans and a blouse.

She said “Most certainly not. You will wear church clothes.”  When we arrived at the retreat (it was a group from her church and me), the other participants wore –you guessed it, jeans and tops. Sensing my confusion (and a touch of aggravation), one of the other ladies had me walk with her around the church grounds.

“Look at these photos. What do you see?”

“Kids in their uniforms.”

“What else? Look real close.”

“How come there aren’t any black kids?”

“Ah,” she said. “This is ****. “(I’m not divulging the town) We have to dress up just to come here. Otherwise what do you think they would say?”

I realized then why my godmother insisted on “church attire”.  The only way to prevent white people from dismissing you as ignorant was to overdress. The whole “first impression” thing.  The sad part is 30 years later, people are suggesting that we don’t “dress properly” even when we do, so we are all ho’s and thugs.

However, there is a point. Young men need to PULL UP YOUR PANTS. No one, and I mean NO ONE wants to see your underwear.  The rap “artists” that run around like that don’t live in the ‘hood anymore. They have homes with security cameras. They only want your money.  Young women need to PULL DOWN YOUR SHIRTS. If it’s too small, buy a larger size. No one wants to see a muffin top or that extra boob. If you can see your buttcheek, then the shorts are too short. And do you ladies realize these rappers diss you on the regular? They’ve called us bitches and ho’s for years, and you all just keep buying the songs. Life is not a music video.

And for the love of Pete, can we stop using the N word???? That’s the number one reason other races don’t respect us any more. If we call each other the second dirtiest word in the language, why would they not want to?

Finally, I’ve got to rant on this:

Jay-Z Disrespects Harry Belafonte  (click for the full article)

Mr. Belafonte criticized Jay-Z and Beyoncé a year ago about their lack of community service. Beyoncé’s publicist responded fairly quickly. Jay-Z didn’t say anything until he put lyrics in his latest album.

Sometimes I feel survivor’s guilt
I gave some money to this guy, he got high as hεll
Now I’m part of the problem far as I could tell
Did I do it for him or do it for myself
Can’t lie to myself
I love my n—–s more than my own blood
I die for my n—-s and I love my cub, hope that’s not f—-d up
I got a problem with the handouts, I took the man route
I’ll give an opportunity though, that’s the plan now
No guilt in giving clear a n—– conscience out
No guilt in receiving, every thing within reason
Can’t see it taking food out my little monster’s mouth
That’ll drive me gaga
Run up in your momma’s house, two nickels, one dime
Manslaughter charges, the lawyer, knocked it down
I’m just trying to find common ground
‘fore Mr. Belafonte come and chop a n—– down
Mr. Day O, major fail
Respect these youngins boy, it’s my time now
Hublot homie, two door homie
You don’t know all the shít I do for the homies

Doesn’t matter what point he’s trying to make. Jay-Z was completely out of line.  If it weren’t for real artists such as Harry Belafonte, there would be no Jay-Z. Period. If you disagree with an elder, fine. There is a right way and a wrong way to disagree. Jay-Z took the wrong way. If someone called my grandfather or father a “boy” they wouldn’t have a tooth left in their mouth after the slap I’d give them.  Jay-Z and his ilk gave us nothing but “bitches & ho’s”,  the N word, “stop snitchin'” and video vixens with fake hair.

Whew! Wow, that was  a rant and a half.  Next week it’s back to the fun stuff.

Oh My! It’s been much too long. Every week has  been a “life adventure”. First the trigger thumb decided to resurface. Then I fell down a flight of stairs and bruised my  back all the way down to the tailbone.

Let me tell you—a tailbone bruise is probably the worst pain next to childbirth & menstrual cramps. I couldn’t walk for a day or so. Sitting was impossible for two weeks. It still gets sore if I don’t move around.

Fell completely off the exercise wagon. I can run a little now, and walking is no problem.  My goal of losing 20 pounds before my boss’s wedding is out the window.  For now, just staying as active as possible, and let the chips fall where they may.

The good news is that acupuncture helped me avoid a doctor visit. This is the third time I’ve had acupuncture, and it made a difference. Not necessarily a cure, but my body healed faster than I thought. Which leads me to my next radio show:  The Eclectic Experience: Alternative Medicine  Wednesday May 30 10PM EST

I’m also the producer for Raise Your Glass With Tanya Mercado now. We call it the “Girl Power Hour”.  You can check out our latest show here:  Raise Your Glass

Business is on an upward trend however. My goal was to find at least 2 events to present my art before Beadfest in August. Well–I got into one on Aug 10, and have an application for another. 😀  My FBook and Twitter are more active, and the stats show it. Now if a couple orders come in that would be icing on the cake.

Dear NYC Department of Sanitation.

One of your street sweeper drivers needs to be re-tested.

Last Friday night March 8, 2013 at the end of a brief snow storm I heard a rumbling sound. It was a familiar one. One I hear every week. It was a NYC Sanitation street sweeper. Since it was late at night, it barely registered.

I went to bed.

Saturday morning I head out the door to run some needed errands. I step through my front gate, and this greeted me:

fence damage sidewalk view1

After a stream of cuss words, I reluctantly showed my mother and proceeded to take  more photos. Notice the debris: that is garbage and old leaves FROM THE CURB. They were not there on Friday, since I shovelled the snow on Friday.Then I noticed the street cleaner barely missed hitting the fire hydrant:

They just missed damaging the hydrant. Look at the garbage!

They just missed damaging the hydrant. Look at the garbage!

But that wasn’t all. I had to call ConEdison because, you guessed it–the utility pole was hit also:

ConEd had to be called.

ConEd had to be called.

And you can see the rest of the garbage strewn onto the sidewalk. I am NOT cleaning Sanitation’s mess. The entire fence is covered in mud from the sweeper’s wayward driving.

Here’s the damage from inside the yard. And yes, there is crap thrown into our yard from the curb.

Garbage inside the yard also.

Garbage inside the yard also.

Another view up close.

Another view up close.

The damage is bad enough. What really stinks is whoever was driving wasn’t man enough to stop and at least leave a note apologizing.  You know, something like “Dear Homeowner I lost control, sorry. Please call DSNY.”

Really, MAN UP!! Admit the accident, report it to your supervisor and do the right thing! Instead an angry taxpayer is blogging, tweeting and filing a complaint directly to the Department.

Did you think I wouldn’t??? Our fence cost us $5000. I’ll be damned if we’re spending another penny to fix what we didn’t damage. And by we, I mean self-employed me and my elderly mother who’s on a fixed income.

Well, NYC Sanitation? NYC’s Strongest? Then send two strong guys with a broom to clean up the mess your accident prone street sweeper left behind! And while you’re at it–FIX MY DAMN FENCE.

Thank you.

Rosalind Brinson