Spicy Marsala!

Yes the cousin of red and brown is Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2015. You can read Pantone Company’s announcement HERE

Marsala is an  interesting choice. It conjures up a tasty dinner on a cold winter night. It’s that color where you need something sophisticated to wear, yet not gold, bronze, silver, or the standard black. It works well with those colors also: a marsala tunic blouse with a gold or silver belt with a gray skirt-perfect for happy hour.

For beading, marsala is one of those colors we don’t often run to. I find myself working with tried and true color families, the blue, red, off-white, lighter browns, and the greens.  While organizing my stash, I came across some cubed delica beads in a bronze, very close to marsala. Hmm…another project for my 2015 list.


In other color news, if you need the perfect gift for the jewelry design artist in your life, RUN to your nearest bookstore (or order online from you know where, or just go to MargieDeeb.com) and get Margie Deeb’s latest: The Beader’s Guide to Jewelry Design (Lark Books).  Margie Deeb is an expert on color theory, and teaches classes around the United States.  She is also an art director, graphic designer and a musician. This book should be one on the must have list for the beader’s library.  I own her other book, The Beader’s Color Palette, and reference it regularly. (I also had the pleasure of taking a class a few years back. If you get the opportunity, take it.)

With the Design Guide, Ms. Deeb posted questions on social media and to her newsletter subscribers. Some of the responses appear in the book. Therefore, it has the feel of a cooperative effort. It also allowed folks to pose the questions/quanderies everyone has, but no one wanted to ask.

The book is set as a pathway. It begins with “Unity” and proceeds through topics such as “Balance”, “Shape”, “Color”  and concludes with “The Creative Journey”. Along the way there are challenges to help the designer understand the chapter and experiment.  I admit I have not finished the book (just getting to “Balance”) but it’s one where I know if I have to set it aside for a bit, or review, it’s okay. I’ll probably discover something new anyway. 🙂

2015 here we come! New color, new reference guide, new year!


I am donating 10% of all December sales from Pond’s Edge Designs to Feeding America.org.

Yes, Tanya Mercado and I will be on the air next Friday 12/19/14. Then off until after the holidays.

Be safe, happy, healthy and creative this season. See you next month!




What a summer! Did we have one? Here in my neck of the woods, there have been maybe 3 days that could be considered hot. Otherwise, it’s been cool nights and rainy days. I’m not complaining, I’m enjoying it. Anything is better than winter–anything.

One summertime event I’m bummed to miss this year is BeadFest in Philadelphia. BeadFest is a 4-day bead and art show full of classes and serious shopping. It’s my go-to event to stock up on supplies/tools, meet fellow beaders, and find new fun, funky pieces to create with. If you are in the Oaks, PA area, the show continues tomorrow and Sunday (Aug23-24).

As a consolation, I’m heading to my local bead shops in the morning, but it won’t be the same.

So what else is new?
Another fantastic event is coming up in September 27: Mrs Jax Shop & Sip is back in Elmont NY. Each event is a fundraiser for a specific charity. The past two were for BASICS International School. September’s event is for Heavenly Angels Animal Rescue. If you’re in the area, come by!


Tickets are $5, a portion is donated to the animal rescue. There will be raffles, certificates for free vaccinations, good food, music, and of course shopping! A donation box for pet toys, cleaning supplies, pet food will be onsite also.

I found some interesting artwork at the NYC Public Library. Peter Bynum’ Illuminated Paint. I may stop back tomorrow and take another look:

Bynum's Paint 1

Here’s another:Bynum Paint 2Wishing everyone a safe,  fun, remainder of Summer!

Yes, I will confess – things have been rough the past month or so. Fell completely off the health wagon. Sugar cravings through the roof. Ran around helping everyone else(I didn’t mind-and would have no matter what.) and neglected myself a bit. It was clear something was off because I stopped beading.

That’s right- I stopped beading for almost a month. Came home, showered, ate/overate, crawled into my comfy chair and binge-watched “Top Gear” “Hotel Impossible” and “Rev Run’s Renovation”. Hell, I even peeked at “Thicker Than Water”–that show was my rock bottom.

Went in for my annual checkup. The good news- I did not gain any weight over the past 6 months. The bad news-failed my blood test-(I am pre-diabetic)-and my Vitamin D level was  almost zero.

So, going off the sugar again (gradually). It’s easier this time since there are so many more yummy choices than a few years ago. Artificial sweetners are a no-no. They’re worse than real sugar. I started Vitamin D therapy. The initial doses are so strong they had to be via prescription.  Egg whites keep me full during the day at work. Almond drink (not milk) in my cereal  on weekends tastes great and no need to add sugar. Yes I jones for some chocolate and allow myself one  if it gets really bad. But it hasn’t been that bad lately.  Walking as much as possible-can’t wait for spring so I can do more.

The best part: I’m back to beading, and promoting my business. And just in time. I have a show at the end of next month, and two others to send samples out for.  However I decided to take a hiatus from my radio show until mid-spring. Between the other checkups, the events, work and family something had to give for a little while. Believe me I already miss it.

So today’s lesson: be good to yourself, go to the doctor, eat right and excercise. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, don’t be afraid or feel guilty saying “Hold up, I need a break.”  A healthy artist is a thriving artist.

Oh I did have another adventure with city government. The fire hydrant in front of our house broke. Fortunately NYC Sanitation and DEP came out at 10PM and worked on it, broke up the ice, and put down special ice melt. Our fence is covered in ice, but it is pretty:

We have a solid fence at the moment.

We have a solid fence at the moment.


Peace, Love & Soooooul,


Yes, I said “summer”. I know I missed a month. July was nuts. Had to get another cortisone shot in both hands, and my friend’s wedding, and prepping for my appearance at Mrs Jax Shop & Sip. A few words about that:

It was a BLAST!

The turnout was good, my fellow vendors were friendly and cheerful. A group of friends from high school showed up. The organizer  also attended the same school, so she got them out.  The DJ had the best mix of gospel, R&B, and funk/soul. He kept the crowd going. The best news is that I made my sales goal! Came home with a little $$ after expenses. The next one is in November, stay tuned for that announcement.

If you want to see photos go here:  Mrs. Jax Shop & Sip

The best part about doing live shows is learning what customers like, don’t like, and hearing what they are looking for. It helps me decide what to stock up on, and what to phase out. For example, I didn’t expect my keychains and pens to sell out, but they did. Girls bought the men’s pendants, lots of interest in the cufflinks, but no one jumped at the swizzle sticks.  It was a great learning experience.

Next up, three radio shows..two for Raise Your Glass, one of my own “The Eclectic Experience”  My last show featured and interview with Terri Callsen, author and biopolar disorder counselor.  The interview is here:  ShyRosalind’s Book Corner 

Finally, next weekend I head to BeadFest Philadelphia!  Got my class registration, train ticket, and hotel.

Before I step off, my next radio show is August 28, 10PM EST. The topic is “How to be successfully self-employed-without getting scammed.” I’ll post the link as it gets nearer to the date.

Here’s a photo from Shop & Sip:


Color of The Year 2013

January 1, 2013

Pantone has announced their 2013 Color of the Year–and it’s a nice one:

Emerald Green

(Click the color to read the announcement.)

Yes, we’re off to see the Wizard.  The Pantone Company announcement explained,

“Most often associated with brilliant, precious gemstones, the perception of Emerald is sophisticated and luxurious. Since antiquity, this luminous, magnificent hue has been the color of beauty and new life in many cultures and religions. It’s also the color of growth, renewal and prosperity – no other color conveys regeneration more than green. For centuries, many countries have chosen green to represent healing and unity.”

I love working with this color. Interestingly, I have a soon-to-be-offered item with this color:

I just finished this a few weeks ago.

I just finished this a few weeks ago.

Time to dig into the stash and see what other emerald treasures I have.

My local appearance for 2012! Meet me and see my art in person!


Holiday “SHOP-BUY-FEAST” Event

December 15 2012 12noon – 6PM

Democratic Club

197-01 Linden Boulevard, St. Albans NY

COME and “Shop” with us for the holidays, we have everything for the whole family and it’s free to attend. Jewelry, Perfume, Men’s Apparel, Children’s Books, Woman’s Pocketbooks, Beautiful Candles, Hats & Scarf’s, Bath & Body Creams, Women & Men Accessories…etc and Much More!

AND! When you purchase $20 or more from one of our vendors you get a free holiday meal feast at the event (While Food Supplies Last)! So Come Early!

The Event is FREE for customers to attend. We have one of the World Famous “Drifters” – Rick Sheppard (Hit songs “Under the Boardwalk” “Up on the Roof” “On Broadway”), will be there Autographing his Holiday Album CD’s as well as the Marvelettes Revue (featuring Rhonda Franklin) and we will also have some great holiday children attractions.

Join our parade kick off: 11:30 AM – “Elites Marching Band of Queens”

Santa’s Elf will give out free gifts to the little ones (while supplies last).

Welcome! It’s that time of year again. Pantone Corporation has announced their 2012 Color of the Year.  For 2011 it was pink/honeysuckle. The soft cousin in the red family stepped out in home decor and fashion all year long.

For 2012, it’s the hot, vibrant, dare I say “sexy” cousin of red:

Tango Tangerine

(Click on the color to visit Pantone’s website.)

Here’s a brief quote from the site:

“Sophisticated but at the same time dramatic and seductive, Tangerine Tango is an orange with a lot of depth to it,” said Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute®. “Reminiscent of the radiant shadings of a sunset, Tangerine Tango marries the vivaciousness and adrenaline rush of red with the friendliness and warmth of yellow, to form a high-visibility, magnetic hue that emanates heat and energy.”

It’s time to get out those “tangerine” beads you couldn’t figure out what to do with! Embroider a cuff with a dark background, string some with a light brown, or even a light green. Here’s a pair of earrings I worked up a few months back:

Guess I was ahead of the trend. 🙂

Get vibrant and sexy in 2012 with Pantone’s new Color of the Year.

November already? No, I’m not ready. Even though it’s my birthday month, I’m so not looking forward to the winter. Fortunately the house is just about complete with repairs–so all that’s left is to keep the oil tank full.

Thanks to all who tuned in to “The Bucket List” last week. It wasn’t an easy show to do, but it helped some people so it was worth it. And yes, I’m looking for an attorney to do my own will.

Idris Elba – a “Hottie 2011” nominee is featured in this month’s Essence magazine. Check it out! http://www.essence.com


Remember the needle holder that didn’t work out as planned? (Check out last month’s post for photo.) I got it to work! It turned out cute. I have another planned, but decided to ladder stitch it directly around the tin.

While the needle holder worked out, two necklaces I’m working on didn’t. Both are too short. 😀 So back to the drawing board…

Good news! I’m working another trunk show: Nov 14-17 in NYC. This time it’s at PHlex Health and Wellness Studio. Show hours aren’t set yet, probably 10-2. I still have to get work done between sales.

My “back to school” days are over, so it’s “back to beading”.  This time ’round, let’s discuss experiments. We creative types are creative because we have a desire to try new things. Painters look for interesting subjects, or a twist on something they’re comfortable with. Writers keep their ears to the ground for that special bit of dialog and their eyes moving for that scene to spark the next story.

Beaders are no different. We look for interesting patterns, color palettes, textures to see if it can be translated with beads. Then to choose which method: peyote stitch? herringbone? embrodiery? Maybe it should just be strung: wire? cord? macrame?

Sometimes what works on paper doesn’t quite translate. For instance, I had a plan to create a needle holder. While reorganizing my BeadFest stash, I discovered a breath mint tin (no not Altoids(r) ) was the perfect size for my standard beading needles. Why not decorate one with beads? It would be a perfect addition to my home gift line.  After measuring and pondering over the little tin I decided to loom two swatches, adhere them to some ultrasuede squares, then glue to the tin.  Sounds simple, right?

Looming was the easy part. Using a bead mix that sat in my drawer I quickly whipped up the squares. The pattern came to me immediately.

One issue loom work and I have is finishing. For some reason, tying off ends and making them look pretty is not a strength. So I decided to not tie off since the swatch would be adhered to the ultra-suede.

Almost but not quite


Did I mention I barely passed geometry in high school? The ultra-suede is a little short. The pattern looks awesome, (love how the colors worked) but the ends need to be cleaned up somehow.  So back to the drawing board.

This isn’t the first “swing and a miss”. Last year was the wide cuff experiment. Again, created a hot loom pattern with a red based palette.

Pattern is hot, finishing is not.

Again, the finishing was not what I planned. I stitched the ultra-suede around the cuff, instead of using adhesive, so the underside didn’t look as clean.

Some experiments I break down and reassemble. Usually, the second go-round turns out better and it’s a go to offer for sale. Some, as with the cuff, won’t be. While I could reuse the materials, they serve as examples of what doesn’t work. Inspiration comes from flawed places too.


Well, the month started with a bang. My September 11 radio show “Patriot Day-You are not alone” was flash-mobbed.

The show started out smoothly, a couple friends called in. Then the second hour, almost 75 people popped into the chat room, then the switchboard lit up. My wingman unlocked the first call, and boy was that a mistake. It became obvious the calls were trolls. Nasty messages appeared in the chatroom.

We shut the show down early.

Part of me is disappointed that a show honoring Sept 11 would be trolled. However, there are enough crazy rude people in the world that I’m not surprised.  I’m glad I was able to discuss those unsung heroes before the crap happened.

I have to give a big thank you to my buddies at NDBMedia for the support and help, especially head honcho “The Admiral”.

In other news, I’ve finished the mandala I started at the beginning of summer.

Finally! Finished and matted.

It is available for sale at my Artfire store. I’m also trying out a new venue, Zibbet. That store is not up yet. More items to be added before it’s promoted.

My next radio show is “Shy Rosalind’s Hottie 2011. The nominees will be up shortly. It will be two rounds. One winner in each category moves on to the Overall Winner. Stay tuned for round one.