Welcome Spring!!!!

Finally, no more ice, no more shoveling. Spring rains have arrived, cleansing the earth. Tulips, daffodils and other flowers are pushing up, dotting lawns with green. Spring also means I’m back on the road. My first personal appearance for 2014 is MrsJax Shop&Sip – The Metamorphosis Event. April 26, in Elmont NY. You can purchase tickets HERE. There will be a gift basket raffle, DJ rocking the tunes, and other great vendors.
I  have to give a shout out to Love Being a Lady. Tomorrow  (April 5)is their Big Hat Brunch and Shopping Expo. The first 50 attendees will receive Goody Bags filled with great stuff from me and other vendors.  10 special “Lucky Ladies”  will find an amazing offer from me in their bags.

In other fun news, I received wonderful feedback regarding my men’s/home line from an artisan gallery in Manhattan. Yes, Pond’s Edge is hitting the big leagues! Date to be determined, but once booked, you’ll hear about it first. In the meantime, pop over to my Facebook page, or Twitter (pondsedgedesign) or Pinterest.

New Logo!

New Logo!

Enjoy Spring! Hope to see some of you at MrsJax’s  Metamorphosis!


This is a “re-visit” book.  Re-visit books are books that you learn so much from, but feel you missed something the first time around. So a year or so later, you “re-visit” it.  Overcoming Underearning is one of those. Barbara Stanny took her popular workshop and put it into book form.  Through excercises and a few testimonials, the reader has the opportunity to discover why/what holds them back from their earning potential.

The best feature is the resource list at the end of the book. Yes, I’m starting with the end first. 🙂  Not hokus-pokus self-help, but financial planning and career planning are included. I also use some of the affirmations when going through my own “tunnels of crap”.

Stanny concentrates on the connection between family & money.  Particularly how our parents, siblings, and friends influence our attitude toward wealth. What most people fail to understand is that wealth is not just monetary; it’s how we use money in our life.  Money/wealth is a tool, according to Stanny. A six-figure income, with poor health, long days, and weak personal relationships means the tool of money is not being used properly.

Overcoming Underearning is not a dense book. The language is straightforward, the testimonials are inspriring.  However, to really get the most out of the book, you should do the exercises. A few may be uncomfortable, but worth it.  When I first read the book almost 2 years ago, I wrote some goals from an excercise at the beginning of the book:

What are your goals? Just write them down, no matter how crazy they seem.

I wrote:

Need new career

Start my own business

Go back to NYU

Visit London.

Almost 2 years later, I’ve started my own business, about to head back to NYU, and while I didn’t visit London, I did make it to Germany. So there’s something to this book.

Use that gift card and pick up a copy, or be fiscally fit and borrow it from the library.

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