Voting is for 1 week. Winner of each category moves up to Overall Hottie 2012. Spread the word! The winners will be announced on my next program May 30.


Shy Rosalind Does Broadway 04/25 by NDB Media | Blog Talk Radio.

Step right up! Wednesday night we dish on the remaining Hotties for 2012: (And “dish” we will since two are world class chefs, and one is named “Rice”.)

Gordon Ramsay(Kitchen Nightmares, The F-word(Food), Hell’s Kitchen)

Robert Irvine(The Next Iron Chef, Restaurant Impossible)

Jerry Rice (former San Francisico 49ner, Dancing with the Stars Champion)

Cliff “Zeke” Zier (Lifetime Achievement in Sports)


Blair Underwood – who’s starring in the current revival of Tennessee Williams’ A Streetcar Named Desire

I’m reviewing the show also for those who can’t snag a ticket.

Yes yes ya’ll…it’s that time again! Next radio show is:

Shy Rosalind’s Double Feature: NYC Spring Bead Show/Hotties 2012 Part 1.

I’m back, and I’m on a roll. First up is a review of the Whole Bead Show’s NYC Spring event, held this past weekend(today is the last day). It’s not as big as BeadFest, but has it’s own charm. And I did find some interesting items.

Then, more fun as we discuss my new crop of hot guys. This month is part 1, next month is part 2, then the voting.  If you want to check them out before the show, here’s the list:

Russel Crowe

Matt Damon

Morris Chestnut

Dwayne(The Rock) Johnson

Jude Law

Robert Downey Jr.

This year includes a special category–Lifetime Achievement. No voting on these gents, just a celebration of their glory. Tune in for those names.

In other news, RMBDesigns is rapidly approaching the 1000 fan mark on Facebook! I have a very special promotion planned once it happens. If you want in, visit my page (RMBDesigns) and hit that “Like” button.  The celebration will cover both my Artfire and Zibbet venues, so no one will miss out.

I stumbled upon the perfect way to warm up on a cold winter day:

Beaded Laughter

A blog by Sylvia(Sylvie) Lansdowne, combines witty beading comments with very hunky photos. Sylvia is a lampwork artist, and teaches classes.  At the moment she is taking requests, but be patient–the girl has to make a living. 😀


Congratulations Randolph(Randy) Mantooth! The “Back in the Day” Hottie’s fans rallied and voted big time. He was up against some tight competition: David Tennant, David Tutera, and George Clooney. We discussed the winners on my radio show last night.

A big “Thank You” to all the voters. The poll for Overall Hottie 2011 is now CLOSED:

The winner will be announced on my September 28 show, 10PM Eastern time. You can find the show info  HERE.  Come join the fun!

**Sept 20 —  Last day to vote!! This round’s winners move up to Overall Hottie 2011**

Ladies (and gentlemen if so inclined) the nominees for the first “Hotties 2011” are ready for your vote.  One vote per category allowed.  Voting is open for one week.  The winners for each category will be nominees for Overall Hottie of the Year.  The winners will be announced on my next radio program on Sept 28.



Somethin’ For the Ladies

December 22, 2010

A friend at BlogTalk Radio offered me an opportunity to host a “Eye Candy for the Ladies” show on their channel. I’m looking for nominations! Post your suggestions as a comment, or contact me. Merry Christmas!