Great googly boogly! It’s June already??

Well, a few things to crow about:

1.Did my first radio show since my hiatus – talked about Jeremy Clarkson and the Nigerian schoolgirls. Update: Clarkson dodged the bullet and still has his job. The schoolgirls have been found, but a full blown rescue mission may result in more harm than good. Therefore delicacy is the method. At least they’ve been found.

2. My next appearance for Pond’s Edge is this Saturday, June 7. Once again with MrsJax Shop&Sip, but at a new location-Mineola NY. Click here for tickets and directions. This event is a fundraiser for BASICS International- a school in Ghana founded by Queens NY native Patricia Wilkins. Ticket and raffle proceeds will be donated to BASICS. Ms. Wilkins will attend this event so if you want more information about BASICS, this is your chance.

3. Started a herb garden this year. Well, okay, I added to what we already had-sage. We have several sage plants in a section of the yard. This year I added thyme and rosemary. Hope they thrive so we can have some more herbs for the summer/fall.

4. Searching for a new store host. It’s harder than it seems. The few I looked at so far are either expensive, not user friendly or both.  Another project to add to the ongoing list.




This piece of plastic has been the reason I nearly imploded from stress.

The bane of my existence for the past 2 weeks.

See that huge crack? That’s why the water leaked.  It was replaced today.

Mom and I were headed to Sears tomorrow to buy a new one. My brother and I were able to move the mini fridge to the basement yesterday. (That one is MINE, all MINE. Well, if there is another crisis I share of course.) And I had just purchased a bag of ice from the local overpriced corner market. (But they are friendly.)

How it got fixed is the funny part of this tale. Wednesday I called my contact at Home Depot. (The “Escalation Team” representative.) At that point, the service company stated they didn’t have the part.

The manufacturer told HD that the part was there.

I was exhausted, and fed up with all of them. Mom’s yelling at me when I go home that she can’t get groceries. Work was already rough this week…

I was done.

I told HD to send me a new fridge, and I didn’t want to hear anything else.

The HD rep got on the horn with MC(Magic Chef) and tried to speak with the service company. The service company refused to talk to her, since they are contracted by the manufacturer.

The response was MC would guarantee the part arrival by Thursday, then the technician would contact us immediately.

Thursday came, Thursday went.

HD followed up. I let them know there was no communication.

This morning, 10:15am MC calls.

“Miss Brinson, we apologize for the serious inconvenience. We called the service company, and they are closed today. We are sending a new service company, they will be there Monday with the part.”

Me: “Yeah, okay.”

11:00 am another call

“Miss Brinson, my name is “Raymond” from **** Cooling. We will be  at your home Monday between 12-5. May I confirm your address?”

Damn, these folks are a step up from the other service center.

I told Mom. She had two questions:

“Are they white?”

“Mom I can’t tell over the phone.”

“Why didn’t  MC send them in the first place?”

“Mom, that’s a darn good question.”

So we went back to fixing up the spot in the basement for my new mini fridge. Mom wanted to have some lunch, so I went back to working (okay futzing around on Fbook).

12:23pm another call

“Miss Brinson? This is ****Appliances. If you’re home I can come now with the part.”

****Appliances is the original repair company. The one that didn’t get the part, and then were closed when MC called this morning.

This is my first WTF moment in a long time. This could be a Woody Allen movie.

“Okay, but are you sure? MC called this morning and said they were sending someone else.”


“Um, I don’t know about that miss. May I come by and do the repair?”

“Yeah, okay.”

1:30pm the part is replaced.

Food is now in the main fridge (what didn’t spoil).  As I write this, I am on the phone with HD putting in a food loss claim…

And the model we purchased does NOT have food loss under the warranty.

Hmm..guess the repair tech noticed the Sears box in the back yard.

There had to be a catch somewhere.

HD is sending me a $100 gift card.  Guess that’s next year’s plants, or maybe another bead organizer.

Tomorrow I’m grocery shopping!

Last time our heroines (my mother & I)  were left high and dry with a non-functioning refrigerator. Most of you read my tale last time, and heard about it on a special edition of my radio program, The Eclectic Experience. (If you haven’t heard it, click the title.)

It has been 1 week. Not only did I blog, broadcast, Tweet, FBook. I also filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

That is what finally got their attention.

I receive an email and phone calls from Home Depot’s corporate “Excecutive Escalation Team” and the local store. I returned both calls. The manager of the local store wasn’t free, so I left a message.

However, I did speak with the corporate representative. She advised me that the local store could have contacted Magic Chef then and there. She offered to have the store send a loaner fridge, and advised me to file a warranty claim for reimbursement of spoiled food. I told her that what was really troubling was the dismissive attitude of the salesperson.

The rep called me today to make sure the technician arrived(as she promised).

The techician told my mom that the part that collects the run off was broken. The new part has to be ordered, and it’s going to be another 2-3 days.

Tomorrow I am ordering a mini-fridge from Sears. After visiting our local store and looking at the options; we decided instead of spending another paycheck, we are purchasing a mini fridge for me, one for my brother (which will stay in the basement) and Mom will keep the fridge for her use once it’s fixed.

We are nearing the end of this saga, but it still comes back to: If you help the customer up front, this can all be avoided.

Thank you all for your support, especially my buddies at NDB Media,

Stay tuned!

Not At Home at The Depot

October 5, 2012

First the facts, then the rant:

Sept 22, my mother and I head to Home Depot(HD) to purchase a new refrigerator.  We purchased a Magic Chef 10.0 CuFt fridge and a 8.0 ft freezer for the basement. I purchased the HD Extended Protection plan for both, since that is how we usually proceed when we purchase from Sears.

First hint something would go wrong: Home Depot will not deliver an appliance that is in stock inside a residence.  The manager claimed it was due to “liability” issues. We had to hire someone on the spot to haul the items home.

October 4 – Mom calls me at work to say the fridge was leaking slightly, but still working.

October 4 8PM – I call Home Depot’s Warranty/Protection department. Was informed since the manufacturer’s warranty is in effect, I needed to contact the manufacturer, or file a request online. Since it was after 8PM I filed a request online, and left a message for  the manufacturer’s(Magic Chef) Customer Service Dept.

October 4 10PM – received an email stating the HD receipt needed to be faxed to Magic Chef, then a service call would be scheduled.  I had already provided the date of purchase, serial number, place of purchase. Decided to call directly in the AM.

October 5, 8:30AM – Called Magic Chef(MC). Representative took my information, gave me a case #, then said they would not service the appliance until the HD receipt was faxed to them.  Also, that once the reciept was received it would take 5-7 business days to schedule. I am sitting in my kitchen, with water dripping from the appliance.

October 5, 9:30am – Called HD Warranty Dept again. Explained that MC would  not schedule a repair until 5 -7 days after they receive the receipt. I am in the kitchen, water dripping from the appliance. Even if I could get to a fax machine, I still have to wait 5-7 days. That is almost 2 weeks of a leaking appliance.  Representative took my information, including the MC case #. She tried to see if she could contact MC, but since it was an in-store purchase, I have to ask the local store (Home Depot in Ozone Park) to assist.

October 5 9:45am – Called HD in Ozone Park. Explained situation. The saleswoman’s response was:

“There’s nothing we can do. You have to find a fax machine and send the receipt.”

“Miss, the refrigerator is leaking and I cannot leave it like this to search for a fax machine. And even if I could, they won’t come for another 5-7 days.”

“I heard what you said. They want proof of purchase. There’s nothing we can do ma’am. I’m sorry.”

Here’s the rant:

My mother wanted to go to HD and rip off a few heads. Being 81 and diabetic, I advised her not to. Besides, bail is expensive.

Over the years, we have purchased thousands of dollars of items from HD – garden, cleaning supplies, household supplies, tools (my mom is a tool fiend and avid gardener), even my bead storage case and some jewelry tools. Until this  we never purchased an appliance–we are Sears/Kennmore girls. Our washing machine is almost as old as me and still works. And Sears still services it and our range. However, Sears is a bit of a distance for Mom, so we decided to go with HD.

Never again.

First of all, if a customer purchases an appliance with a warranty from the manufacturer, tell the customer to register the product immediately. Give them a warranty card! If the fridge were already registered, this would not happen!

With Sears, the appliance is registered at the time of purchase, or the customer is given a toll free number to call and register the product. Then when we needed service, we just call. No mess no fuss no waiting.

This go round I spent almost $900, between the appliances,and extended warranty. An entire paycheck. (Mom insisted on reimbursing me for the freezer.) The sales people hustled then because they didn’t want to lose the sale. And yes, it was the same salesperson that dismissed me on the phone this morning. I know the accent, and she looked up my receipt and read my name.

If you have a customer that just spent $900 at your store, calling less than 2 weeks later with a problem with the manufacturer, and you have the manufacturer’s phone number and the customer’s proof of purchase,


As I mentioned, the national HD I spoke with thought of this, but couldn’t get authorization.

When patients contact me with a question or issue with their health insurance claims, guess what? I CALL THE INSURANCE COMPANY FOR THEM. Even if they have paid up front. It’s called customer service. It may be outside your “job” but customers remember when you help them, AND THEY SPEND MORE MONEY AT YOUR STORE.


Mom is disappointed, I’m fully riled up. We are through with HD regarding appliances, and probably will avoid them all together in general. (There’s a great family-owned nursery in the area we will stick with for garden stuff.)

And here are the photos of the shitty (pardon my language) refrigerator:

I shifted the fridge for the photo, and there went the water.

This is where the leak is. Doubt the pipes should look like this on a new appliance.