Hello hello! As mentioned earlier, I’m working on my first–and hopefully not last–mandala. A mandala is, in a nutshell, a beaded meditation. Usually it’s a geometric pattern in different colors. The beauty of a mandala is that it can be any pattern you wish.

In my case, I took a ceramic Buddha found at a show, and beaded an aura around it. The colors are lovely. Fortunately I had complimentary beads. They fit perfectly.

This is the beginning of the process:

This is the start of the project.

I felt the blue and green made the best foundation. Then the red was added.

Started the surrounding patterns

As you can see, smaller patterns will surround the larger one.

It’s been interesting. I’ve attempted other embroidered pieces, but this is the first one that’s come together as hoped.

In other news, my next radio show is Health Insurance 101-how to navigate the health insurance maze-scheduled for July 27 10pm Eastern on BlogTalk Radio. When the link is ready, I’ll post it here.