Woooo! June is busting out! The MrsJax Shop & Sip event was a success. Made the most I ever have at a show. It was fun meeting the other vendors, seeing an old friend, and meeting new and current customers.

I found a new webhost: Jewelspan.com is the new home of Pond’s Edge Designs. Still transitioning products, but it is working. A few new cufflinks and home decor/gifts are already available. You can click on the pen photo to see the new shop.

My most popular items, the Fashionista Pen

My most popular items, the Fashionista Pen

Men's line is launched!

Men’s line is launched!


Next up is the next episode of the Eclectic Experience! I’m bringing back the hotties! It’s how the show got started so I’m going back to my roots.  There will be two divisions: Domestic and International. You can post nominees as a comment here, or visit my FaceBook page (facebook.com/shyrosalind) and post there. Within the next week I will have a poll set up. Voting will only be for a few days at most, then the show.  In the meantime, take a listen to the lastest Raise Your Glass with Tanya Mercado. We chatted with the crew from the new film “A Life for A Life” premiering at the Manhattan Film Festival July 1.



Whew! Feels like forever since the last episode.  Well, I have a few things to chat about:

1. Thanks to my friends at NDBMedia for joining me last month. “Open Mic” was a hit, and it looks like I’m doing it again next week. For those who haven’t listened in the archive, my “Open Mic” show was a bit of this and a bit of that. We talked about some of my favorite things/performers. Then touched on the shenanagins on one of my guilty pleasures “My Fair Wedding with David Tutera.”

2. The infamous refrigerator is still working. So far, so good. 😀

3. We survived Hurricane/Superstorm Sandy. The park in my town had many fallen trees. No one was allowed to walk through for a few weeks. Fortunately our power held, but lost cable for 2 weeks. My mom’s phone equipment was badly damaged as well.  The good news is Mom got a free upgrade to fiber optic equipment, so her phone is clear as a bell. Good job Verizon!

4. My excercise regimen hit the skids. Between a minor foot injury, being out of the office due to the storm, and other craziness, I’ve only gotten in two workouts over the past two weeks.  My body is letting me know it ain’t happy: the infamous stomach spasms have returned. 😦  So come Monday, back to running.

As for the new and exciting:

My client is getting married next year. (Yay!) After watching her dash about planning her engagement party, my collegue asked if I ever saw myself getting married.  I said yes, if I met the right  guy.  I posted this on my FBook page, and received some interesting responses:

“I think marriage is overrated. There’s a perception of what it SHOULD be and then the reality of what it actually is.”

“Don’t do it Roz. I’m as content as can be and on top of that, I have no children. Oh of course a lot of people will say how much they love their children and they are happy they had some but their minuses are my pluses. My pluses include no alimony. No 50%. No schoolbook purchases. No lawyers aka sharks. No name-calling after the fact/vows. No lies for the sake of the children.

My minuses? Listening to all of that from the miserable saps who made that stupid mistake in the first place. I’m not lonely. Got LOTS of friends. All I know is the bathroom is always free and the only nagging/whining my ears pick up on is an accidental channel change to FOX NEWS.”

“… as far as children, I’ve seen it firsthand where these kids are not loving and appreciate, they are self absorbed products of entitlement. It would break my heart to have my kid turn out like that, and I’ve never regretted otherwise. I don’t have alot of friends as my experiences with people are that they usally disapoint you and the guard is up, but I dont get lonely.”

As for marriage I agree but I know that when people have their children nothing else matters. All their priorities in life change. All they have to go through on the bad side of it may be worth to them. For me, I was close to marrying once and I’m glad I didn’t, it would have been a disaster!”

“Just me, but I have been happily married 13 years, would never go back. You will know if it’s the right one.”

Guess what? The happily married person–female.  Is avoidance of marriage a male thing? According to popular theory, we women are supposed to be “nesters”, seeking a harmonious home environment for our mate and offspring.  Men are  supposedly the “hunters”, fighting for sustenance to support mate and offspring.   Men also have the freedom to walk away if not satisfied and take another mate. (Nowadays, that freedom comes with a price, called “legal fees”.)

Another troubling aspect of this relationship/marriage debate is the guys who can’t let go. In the past few months, there have been a dearth of news stories regarding men who can’t give up their wife/girlfriend. They beat them, then when the woman finally gets the courage and opportunity to leave, the asshole stalks her, and attempt to or succeeds in killing her.

If she doesn’t love you any longer, let her go. Are mens’ egos that fragile? Is it something in the brain that snaps? Is it the “machismo” culture? Is it religion?

When I say “machismo” it doesn’t refer only to Hispanic men. Black, white, Asian,  & Middle Eastern men who abuse their wives all have that same “You’re mine bitch” attitude.  Where is it coming from?

Now I’m certainly not putting it all on the guys. Some of my fellow women are drama magnets. They use the children as pawns, cheat on their husbands, manipulate and threaten. I wonder where that comes from too.

And yes, my own parents are divorced.My dad did some crap he shouldn’t have–and karma bit him in the butt for it.

So, considering all of the above–would  I get married?

I gotta say “yes”.  Why? Because if I become that cynical, “Jesus is my boyfriend” type, I sentence myself to a miserable life.  Realistically, men my age may not be interested, for various reasons. (Family obligation, inability to have children, not a perfect “10” and I’m over 40.) Yet I have to believe there just might be someone who gets where I’m at, and is willing to be a little flexible.

We shall see.


Unfortunately, due to lack of interest, there will be no Hottie 2012 announced.  My next show will be fully devoted to a discussion of  “Weight of the Nation” – the 4 part HBO series. If you don’t have cable, the documentary is available via HBO’s  YouTube channel for free.


Voting is for 1 week. Winner of each category moves up to Overall Hottie 2012. Spread the word! The winners will be announced on my next program May 30.

To Be Bilingual

May 5, 2012

Hello out there in blogland!

I need some help. Purchased this really cool amulet to use in a new men’s item. But I have no idea what the writing on the back is. Can anyone out there translate it?

Can anyone translate this?

And a little of that.

It’s May! As much as I love to see flowers blooming, and hear birds singing, the pollen count was a bit too high for my taste this year. Happy for the rain.

Thanks to everyone who tuned in to last month’s show! It’s archived for your listening pleasure.  Next week the polls will be up for voting on Hottie 2012. An update on last year’s hotties will be included.

RMBDesigns hit the 100o fan mark and then some! Those who took advantage of the special sale are enjoying their items. Will I do it again? Maybe. 😉

A big “shout out” goes to my fellow radio host Tanya Mercado. She has a wonderful program “Raise Your Glass” on Friday nights (NDB Media of course). Each week is a thoughtful discussion on a different life lesson. Tanya also co-hosts “The Five Tool” show.

Received my BeadFest class catalog in the mail yesterday. I wasn’t planning to go this year due to Mr. I.R.S. but the photography class and the wire wrap classes are soooo tempting.

Speaking of tempting, I’m considering dropping one or both of my online stores and going solo. As in my own site/domain with shopping cart. I’ve been reading about PayPal’s new restrictive policies and I think using Propay only might be the way to go.  That’s why there haven’t been any new items posted lately.

Last but certainly not least, there is a Facebook page for my radio persona:


Visit for show links/updates, announcements, topic questions and more!

Shy Rosalind Does Broadway 04/25 by NDB Media | Blog Talk Radio.

Step right up! Wednesday night we dish on the remaining Hotties for 2012: (And “dish” we will since two are world class chefs, and one is named “Rice”.)

Gordon Ramsay(Kitchen Nightmares, The F-word(Food), Hell’s Kitchen)

Robert Irvine(The Next Iron Chef, Restaurant Impossible)

Jerry Rice (former San Francisico 49ner, Dancing with the Stars Champion)

Cliff “Zeke” Zier (Lifetime Achievement in Sports)


Blair Underwood – who’s starring in the current revival of Tennessee Williams’ A Streetcar Named Desire

I’m reviewing the show also for those who can’t snag a ticket.

I stumbled upon the perfect way to warm up on a cold winter day:

Beaded Laughter

A blog by Sylvia(Sylvie) Lansdowne, combines witty beading comments with very hunky photos. Sylvia is a lampwork artist, and teaches classes.  At the moment she is taking requests, but be patient–the girl has to make a living. 😀


Congratulations Randolph(Randy) Mantooth! The “Back in the Day” Hottie’s fans rallied and voted big time. He was up against some tight competition: David Tennant, David Tutera, and George Clooney. We discussed the winners on my radio show last night.

A big “Thank You” to all the voters. The poll for Overall Hottie 2011 is now CLOSED:

The winner will be announced on my September 28 show, 10PM Eastern time. You can find the show info  HERE.  Come join the fun!